iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown Starts Tomorrow

iTunes Connect shuts down for the holidays every year. Here is when it will be closed in 2013 and what else to expect.

Title: iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown Starts Tomorrow

You have probably already received an email from Apple about this, but if you haven't, or just forgot, this is a friendly reminder so you don't get caught off guard. It is that time of year again and Apple will be shutting down for the holidays, starting tomorrow.

The iTunes Connect store will be closed from Saturday, December 21st to Friday, December 27th.

During this time, developers will not be able to submit app updates for iOS and Mac App Store apps. In fact, iTunes Connect will not be accessible and you will not be able to submit new apps or in-app purchase changes. Apple will still provide Sales and Trends reports, but they may be delayed during this time.

Newsstand feeds, new app submissions and price changes will not be processed until after December 27th. So be sure not to setup any marketing campaigns that hinge on a release date during the shutdown period.

Your users won't notice a difference however. There just won't be any app updates or price changes during that time. Everything else will function normally.

We hope you use the downtime to spend time with friends/family and take a well deserved rest from all the work you put in during the past year.

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Hugh Kimura

Written by: Hugh Kimura, Head of Content

Date: December 2013

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