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View spend, impressions, creatives, and much more across social, video, OTT, mobile, and display.

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Digital intelligence that delivers results

Pathmatics empowers brands with the digital marketing intelligence needed to seize new digital opportunities and drive business growth. With the broadest coverage in the industry including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, OTT, display, video, and more.

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Analyze trends and spends

View current and historical spend and impression data across social, display, video and mobile and view seasonal spend trends

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Find creatives that resonate

See actual ad creatives, messaging, CTAs, audience profiles, site targeting, spend, impressions, and flighting for every creative

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Outsmart your competition

Side-by-side competitor comparisons and channel views for share of voice, category rankings, and ad purchase breakdown

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Brands - Retail, Shopping, CPG, and more...

Plan brand strategies by gaining insight into the promotional offers, target markets, positioning, and tactics used by the top brands in the world – including your competitors. By understanding and benchmarking against your competitors’ media mix and digital ad strategies, you can adjust and fine tune messaging, audience profiles and site targeting, helping increase share of voice and reach.

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Publishers and AdTech

Publishers and AdTech use SensorTower data within Pathmatics Dashboard to find the RIGHT prospects, prioritize leads, tailor new business pitches, increase share of wallet, and do it all faster. This can help lead to more deals, expanding accounts, and increasing efficiency.

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Explore insights across channels

Insights on digital channels and which publishers are moving the most ad inventory

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Evaluate your competitor’s marketing campaigns

Compare advertisers, see share of voice, and identify missed opportunities

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Discover digital insights tailored for your business

Create and export custom reports, or integrate our data feed into existing systems

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Agency Leaders

Agencies rely on our deep insights and market leading data throughout the client journey to win pitches, craft killer creative campaigns, buy advertising more efficiently, and deliver amazing reports for clients. The result is winning and retaining more clients and growing budgets.

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Private Equity and Investment

Private Equity, investment researchers, and investors can analyze ad investment trends, platform revenue, and campaign messaging to discover new investment opportunities. By leveraging the wide reaching and unique Sensor Tower driving Pathmatics Dashboard you can make better predictions and invest smarter.

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