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Learn how to use all of the Sensor Tower ASO modules in this User's Guide.

UPDATE (January 26, 2015): These are NOT the most recent versions of our tutorials. For our most up-to-date guides, click here.

This is a collection of all of the posts that we have written on how to use Sensor Tower. Now you have an easy way to access all of our tutorials from one page. Be sure to bookmark this post because we will be updating it with the latest changes and best practices.

Keyword Rankings

Keyword Rankings - This module makes it easy for you to track how your app ranks for all of its keywords.

Keyword results for The Hobbit

Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization - For iOS only, this module helps you optimize your 100 character keyword field for length, duplicate keywords and more.

Get optimization suggestions based on your list

Keyword Research

Keyword Research - Research any keyword idea that you have and quickly find out the Difficulty Score, Traffic Score and number of competing apps for any keyword. You will also see the top ranking apps for every keyword.


Keyword Suggestions

Keyword Suggestions - At a loss for keywords? The Keyword Suggestions Module can help you find keywords based on your current keyword list. Use the advanced filters to weigh individual keywords and add your own keywords.

lt="your seed keywords

Keyword Translation

Keyword Translation - Quickly translate all of your keywords into 20+ languages with one click.

lt="Results of your translated keywords

Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy - Find out the keywords that your competition is using, so you can use the good ones for your own keyword list.

app comparison

Category Rankings

Category Rankings - Keep track of how your app ranks in all of your categories on the App Store. Getting this information manually can take a lot of time, this module makes it much easier.

lt="Graph of rankings

Track Your Competition

Track Competition - This module makes it easy to stay on top of what your competitors are doing. It also gives you suggestions on competitors to watch.

lt="track mobile app competition


International Keyword Modules for iOS - The same keyword modules that are available in English are available in other languages.

International Keyword Modules for Google Play - How to discover and track new keywords for your Android app in foreign countries.

Review Analysis

Review Analysis - Reviews from your users can be a great way to find new keyword ideas. This module quickly identifies keywords that are specific to your app so you don't have to search through them all.

Find important keywords

Add Team Member

Add Team Member - This feature allows you to add co-workers or employees to your Sensor Tower account so they can help you do keyword research and optimize specific apps.

Update Timeline

Update Timeline - This module allows you to find out exactly what your competitors are doing. See the changes they make to their screenshots, app description, icon and more. This will allow you to implement good ideas into your own app.

lt="See what other apps are changing

Other Guides

If you are new to App Store Optimization, be sure to enroll in ASO Academy. It is free and it will take you through the entire process in 8 simple lessons. We hope that this post makes it much easier for you to access all of the information on how to use Sensor Tower.

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Hugh Kimura

Written by: Hugh Kimura, Head of Content

Date: February 2014

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