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Audience Insights • February 2024

Discover the power of Audience Insights

We're excited to announce our newest product, Audience Insights. Audience Insights offers the first of its kind visibility into your existing, competitor and potential new audiences, across all social and mobile platforms in one place. This report showcases data from Audience Insights which is mobile app & digital advertising data.

Featured Resources

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Digital Advertising & Mobile App Insights

This on-demand webinar explores the social media and OTT landscape, providing insights into industry trends, key players, and valuable data to help you make smarter advertising investments.

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App & Advertising trends from April

From weight-loss drug advertising to home improvement and AI photo and video apps, the April Research Roundup covers Advertising and App trends for brands and business across EMEA & North America.

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Game Intelligence

Expert insights on gaming trends, tactics, and tech.

Hear from industry experts from Rocketship, Singular, DieNo Games and Adikteev to explore user acquisition, privacy changes, adapting strategies, data analytics, AI, and player engagement for lasting success during this on-demand webinar. Watch to stay ahead of the gaming landscape.