Ad Intelligence • April 2023

Forrester says we give you a competitive edge and save you money

Forrester's Total Economic Impact study found that companies who used Sensor Tower experienced 2.77x return on their investment and saw four key benefits. Discover the benefits and how our market intelligence can help you.

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App Intelligence

App trends from January

Six Reports Focused on Business and Brand Trends across EMEA and North America.

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Audience Insights

Discover the power of Audience Insights

We're excited to announce our newest product, Audience Insights. Audience Insights offers the first of its kind visibility into your existing, competitor and potential new audiences, across all social and mobile platforms in one place. This report showcases data from Audience Insights which is mobile app & digital advertising data.

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Top advertisers, categories and publisher platforms for the quarter

Learn which advertisers topped the ad spending charts, where publisher platforms rank by ad spend and quarter-over-quarter trends of top categories.