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Develop a comprehensive, data-driven strategy to target and acquire growing companies

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Andrew Nam, Lead Manager, Strategy and Business Operations, Duolingo

"Sensor Tower's become a core part of our industry and competitive analysis, providing visibility into the global mobile landscape, as well as many international markets of interest."

ST Corporate Launch Revenue

Identify the best acquisition targets before the competition

As new apps hit the market every single day, Sensor Tower’s datasets quickly sift through the noise to find the best acquisition targets. Leverage Sensor Tower Global Fields to narrow apps down by date released or monthly downloads, and Align By Launch to see growth in context to find standouts in the mobile ecosystem.

ST Corporate Alerts

Assess readiness and monitor prospects automatically

Sensor Tower’s flexible tagging system allows for easy groupings of prospects into cohorts, automatically populating our most compelling data views in a streamlined workflow built for teams. Plus, set up email and Slack alerts when prospects hit certain targets in growth or revenue to ensure a prospect is at the right stage for contact.

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Identify Up-and-Comers

Create a customized group of companies that fit your acquisition targets

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Right-Time Prospects

Easily monitor prospects and stay up-to-date with real-time alerts

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Seize Opportunities

Pull compelling data for your acquisition strategy

ST Corporate RFD

Holistically compare prospects with diverse datasets

With so many opportunities for acquisition, Sensor Tower offers critical data to benchmark performance among similar targets across a variety of views. Take advantage of Sensor Tower’s Revenue Per Download (RPD) or Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) metrics to dive deeper into retention and performance, or layer filters from other products to qualify growth in a few simple clicks.

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Surge in Card Battler installs comes as downloads for other Strategy sub-genres stay flat or decline, Sensor Tower data shows.

Takeaways from Sensor Tower's State of Travel Apps Report 2021
Sensor Tower's 2021 State of Travel Apps Report: Installs in Q2 2021 Grew by 128 Percent Year-Over-Year

Sensor Tower's latest report dives into recent trends and rankings of four subcategories including airlines, e-bike sharing, ride hailing, and travel booking.

Three takeaways from Sensor Tower's 2021 State of Marketplace Apps report.
Three Key Takeaways from Sensor Tower's 2021 State of Marketplace Apps Report

Sensor Tower's new report on the state of marketplace apps reveals that the category continues growing in 2021.