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Andrew Nam, Lead Manager, Strategy and Business Operations, Duolingo

"Sensor Tower's become a core part of our industry and competitive analysis, providing visibility into the global mobile landscape, as well as many international markets of interest. The team regularly highlights industry trends and new product features, and is always helping train new users."

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Develop a data-driven way to differentiate from competitors

Equip your teams with the intelligence necessary to go up against not only longstanding competitors but also the next generation of mobile-savvy companies. Dive into App Store Optimization, and develop an iron-clad strategy for organic engagement. Plus, create a Custom Dashboard to detect the ways competitors are grabbing attention so your team can apply learnings quickly.


Explore elements that maximize user engagement

Gain an understanding of what makes users open and stay in the apps they care about, and break down the nuances in usage to maximize retention and boost engagement. Track how product updates impact not only installs and revenue, but also break behaviors down by key metrics like Average Revenue per Daily Active User, Total Session Count and Total Time Spent to identify what keeps users coming back.


Thrive in mobile

Strategically stand out from competitors


Master stickiness

Invest in the features that retain users


Optimize paid spend

Optimize advertising for maximum impact


Modernize your mobile paid spend strategy

Leverage a wide variety of metrics to create an iterative and effective mobile advertising strategy. Zero in on the networks that are driving the most Share of Voice for your industry, and break down the impact of in-app creatives to see which concepts are generating the most impressions. Sensor Tower’s Ad Intelligence provides actionable insights to keep your paid advertising strategies agile and impactful.

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