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Identify markets and mobile app companies that are ready for your technology solutions

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Quickly identify and segment businesses ready for your technology

Sensor Tower’s comprehensive metrics dive deep into a variety of characteristics that make up a mobile app. Leverage Custom and Global Fields to uncover opportunities with a few simple clicks, and create a dedicated dashboard of those that make your short-list. Never worry about missing an up-and-coming prospect ready for business.

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Simplify and unify critical prospecting signals

Blend data from across Sensor Tower’s products on a single workspace, and layer different metrics and filters to develop a unique central command for prospecting and sales. Sensor Tower’s custom alerts and integrations allow teams to set thresholds for performance that trigger immediately via email or Slack message.

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Track Prospects

Create actionable benchmarks for prospect readiness

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Detect Technologies

See into the SDKs that major apps are using

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Streamline Workflows

Set alerts so you never miss a potential sale

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Track competitor solutions for right-time replacement

Sensor Tower’s SDK detection technology sees through the lines of code in a mobile app to break down exactly what technologies are used and where. Determine which apps are leveraging alternate technologies, and monitor their performance over time to articulate pain points and one-up your competition.

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