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What Impact Do In-App Events Have On App Performance?

With Sensor Tower, monitor how apps are using In-App Events to boost app performance.


What Are In-App Events? 

Apple launched In-App Events with the introduction of iOS 15 last year. They appear as event cards within the App Store that include the event name, an image or video, and a short description. These events are used to reach new users, engage current users, and reconnect with previous users. Below are examples of Event Types from Apple: 

  • New Season: Introduces new content, storylines, or media libraries to build on established content. Examples include a significant sporting event, a battle pass or themed content in a game, or a special episode of a television show. 

  • Major Update: Introduces significant new features, content, or experiences. These events go beyond minor enhancements like UI adjustments or bug fixes. Examples include the launch of a new game mode or additional levels. 

  • Challenge: Activities encouraging the user to achieve a goal before the event ends. Examples include a fitness challenge in a workout app or beating a certain number of levels in a game.  

  • Competition: Activities in which users compete against one another for the highest ranking or to win rewards. Examples include a tournament where players battle to win the most matches. 

  • Live Event: Activities that occur in real-time that all users can experience simultaneously. These events should provide users with new content, features, or goods. Examples include a sports match or a live streamed concert.

  • Special Event: Limited-time events that are not captured by another event badge, possibly spanning multiple activities or experiences. These events should provide users with new content, features, or goods. Examples include an event featuring a user collaboration. 

  • Premiere: Introducing new content or media for the first time. These events should focus on the introduction of this unique content. Examples include a movie debut or newly released audio. 

In-App Events’ Effect on Performance

These different event types are used in unique ways to acquire new users, provide engaging content for current users, and promote new in-app features. Below we analyze the daily revenue impact of In-App Events on popular mobile games.

Royal Match launched a Major Update titled Race Track on November 28, 2022. This update included 100 new levels and a new Race Track area to unlock rewards within the game. The revenue impact of the Race Track event started off negative for the first three days, surged on the fourth day, and ended the seven day period about twenty percent higher than the day before the event started. 


Roblox introduced a Live Event titled FIFA World Cup on November 29, 2022. This event included a World Cup virtual festival where players could celebrate the sports event together within the game. The revenue impact for Roblox’s World Cup event was similar to Royal Match’s event with a slight decrease at the beginning and a significant recovery at the end of its first seven days.


Candy Crush Saga introduced the Winter Wonderland Live Event on December 1, 2022. This event included winter-themed content and a month full of surprises to encourage players to open the game each day. The revenue impact for Candy Crush Saga’s Winter Wonderland started off with significant gains and slowly flattened to an eleven percent gain over the last three days.


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Josh Adams

Written by: Josh Adams, Product Marketing Manager

Date: January 2023