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How to Incorporate Sensor Tower’s ASO Module Into Your Marketing Strategy

Apple reports that more than 70% of users use Search, making app store optimization crucial for your app’s success

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Despite an increased focus on paid acquisition, more than 70 percent of App Store visitors use search to find apps. Sensor Tower’s first-ever App Store Optimization (ASO) Playbook, available now, will walk you through exploring an actionable organic growth strategy to increase your app’s visibility and downloads with powerful tools on Sensor Tower’s platform.

Even if you are in the very early stages of exploring ASO, this ASO Playbook will gear you up quickly. It consists of the following five sections: 

  1. What is ASO? Why is it important?

  2. How to find and select keywords with the highest potential? 

  3. How to optimize an app for the App Store? 

  4. How to optimize an app for Google Play? 

  5. Why are app screenshots important and how can they be optimized?

In this article, we will briefly discuss the basics of ASO and why it’s important for your app’s success, as well as the methodology behind selecting keywords with the highest potential to drive installs.  For more insight into how to build a successful ASO strategy, download the full version of the Playbook now: 

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What Is ASO? Why Is It Important? 

What is ASO?

The goal of ASO is to improve an app’s visibility on app stores, increase organic downloads, and rank higher in search results by adding target keywords to titles and descriptions. 

However, keywords are not the only factor for ASO. Your app's overall ranking result is influenced by other important factors as well, including the number of downloads, ratings, uninstalls, and engagement. All of these are important for a high conversion rate.

In summary, ASO mainly focuses on two core pillars: Keyword Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization.

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Why is it important?

Apple Search Ads states that more than 70 percent of App Store visitors use search to find apps. Based on this finding, it is essential for your app to rank high for keywords that people are using when they search for which apps to download. 

Although your users may be directed to your app from social media ads, search ads, or a multitude of other channels, the product page is the destination where they will decide to download your app or just browse quickly and then leave. A well optimized product page can convince users to click on the download button, which leads to a higher conversion rate. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to increase app downloads.

Above all things, ASO works. ASO can drive organic growth when executed well. With ASO, Tapps Games was able to hit over 10 million downloads in the gaming industry within two years. That case study, available in the ASO Playbook, is a great illustration of how ASO can help you get more downloads for your app and boost its success.

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How to find and select keywords with the highest potential? 

There are a lot of factors to take into account when you evaluate whether a keyword is a good one. The process also takes a lot of experimentation before you come across the right keywords for the app you’re looking to optimize. In the ASO Playbook, you will learn how to find keywords and prioritize them by using Sensor Tower’s ASO tools.

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How to find keywords with Sensor Tower

The ASO Playbook provides a quick overview of Sensor Tower’s modules, which can help you detect high-quality keywords in your competitive landscape. These tools include: 

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Sensor Tower’s ASO Playbook also explains the different attributes found on the platform’s modules:

  • Traffic Score: How often a specific keyword is searched within an app store

  • Difficulty Score: How challenging it is for an app to be ranked first for a keyword

  • Density: How frequently a keyword is used in an app’s storefront page

  • Downloads: How many downloads come from each keyword

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How to grade which keywords to use

When you look at Traffic & Difficulty attributes on Sensor Tower, you will notice the ideal combination of highest traffic score and lowest ranking difficulty isn’t always possible. But with the suggested keywords provided by our platform, you can easily select the keywords with the highest potential. Another aspect that you also have to consider when choosing a keyword is how relevant a keyword is to your app. More details can be found in our ASO Playbook using the Etsy as an example.

ASO Playbook EN(pg12)

Now that you know what a keyword is and how it works in your ASO practice, our in-depth case study about Stumble Guys will take you to a step-by-step overview of how to brainstorm keywords, identify competitors, optimize keywords, and monitor their performance using the Sensor Tower ASO modules.

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Download the FREE ASO Playbook by Sensor Tower and start driving more installs to your app now!

Sensor Tower's platform is an enterprise-level offering. Interested in learning more?

Nan Lu

Written by: Nan Lu, Director of APAC Marketing

Date: February 2023