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Analysis: Major Retailers Struggle With Year-Over-Year Holiday User Acquisition on Apple’s App Store

2015 Holiday Season Shopping App Analysis Hero Image


With the holiday shopping season in full swing, and Apple’s long-overdue debut of a Shopping category on the App Store earlier this month, we figured it was the perfect time to turn our analytical eye towards the performance of shopping apps on the Apple App Store. Specifically, we looked at downloads of apps published by the top U.S. retailers by revenue according to the National Retail Federation (NRF), comparing the same period in early November 2014 and 2015.

The result: While a few retailers have seen marked improvement in user acquisition on the App Store since this period last year, the majority have actually experienced negative growth.

Sensor Tower’s iOS Gaming Leaders for October 2015

iOS Gaming Leaders October 2015 Hero Image


Welcome to the inaugural edition of Sensor Tower’s monthly iOS gaming leaders ranking, built using our industry-leading Store Intelligence platform. In this month’s installment, you’ll learn about the top-ranking gaming apps on Apple’s App Store for the month of October 2015 based on download & revenue estimates, along with the month’s fastest growing games.

Read on to see how the top gaming apps placed in both the U.S. and internationally, along with our analysis of the movers and shakers.

You Can Now Price Your Android Apps Less Than 99 Cents in These 17 Countries

Google Play Web Home


If you publish apps on international Google Play Stores, you now have the ability to set a lower minimum price for both apps and in-app purchases in select countries. Google had previously been testing the capability in India and has now rolled out the option in 17 additional countries.

Google says it’s instituting the change to provide publishers with “more flexibility” with regards to app and IAP pricing in order to better accommodate local economies. The new minimum prices range from the equivalent of US$0.21 in India to US$0.45 in Poland. Continue reading to see a full list of countries affected and new minimum prices there.

Ad Intelligence Shows Legal Troubles Slowing DraftKings & FanDuel Acquisition Rates

FanDuel Mobile Ad


Even if you’re not a fantasy sports fan, you’ve probably heard of DraftKings and FanDuel. They’ve been hard to avoid the last few months as their advertising efforts have rivaled Machine Zone in the mobile space, not to mention the fact that they sponsor most sporting events and large television spots. But they’ve recently found themselves in some legal trouble. Nevada first ruled in October that their business was a form of unregulated gambling, rather than a fantasy sport, and banned the services from operating in the state. This month, the New York attorney general ordered the two companies to stop accepting bets from the state’s residents.

In this Ad Intelligence study, we took a look at what happened to their aggressive advertising campaigns in light of these legal roadblocks.

Apple’s November 2015 Algorithm Update: Early Insights Emerge, but Changes Continue

iPad Screenshot of App Store Search Anomaly


On November 3, Apple instituted what from all indications was a significant update to its App Store search algorithm. Sensor Tower’s in-depth review of the changes is ongoing, but we’ve made some significant discoveries already that we wanted to share with the ASO community.

Though the algorithm change appears to generate better relevance for many search results, our App Intelligence data shows how a large number of apps can be adversely impacted.

Flash update: Apple appears to be changing behaviors again as we publish this report… read on for more details.

Heat Map: Mobile Users in These Countries Have the Most Fun, Based on iOS App Downloads

World Heat Map Based on Fun to Serious App Download Ratios


If you’ve ever had to use a friend’s phone or tablet, you know it’s possible to get a window into someone else’s personality based solely on the apps they’ve installed. Now imagine you could see what an entire country’s worth of people had downloaded over an entire year. What sort of insight would that give you? We decided to tackle that question using our App Store data—and the answers we found just might surprise you.

App Store Anomaly: Investigating Apple Apps Behavior on the Top Free Charts

iOS App Store (iPhone) Top Charts - Free


As you can imagine, the Sensor Tower team spends what most would consider a hefty chunk of our waking hours looking at the Apple App Store. So when something doesn’t seem quite right, we tend to notice it pretty quickly.

Case in point: several Apple apps suddenly showing up in the App Store’s top charts for free apps when viewed on an iOS device—and when the apps are already purchased or downloaded by the user.

We recently noticed just that, and decided to see if we could find a pattern behind the apparent randomness, and give App Store publishers a heads up on the befuddling behavior.

Top Advertisers on Instagram: FanDuel Outspends DraftKings, Game Publishers Dominate, and More

Instagram Ad Network Advertising Examples


With a community of more than 400 million users, Instagram enables advertisers to reach an absolutely monumental mobile audience. Major brands like Levi’s, Taco Bell, and PayPal have been using the Instagram Ad Network for the past couple of years, but only recently did the photo-sharing giant open the platform to all advertisers, large and small.

To “kick the tires” on Sensor Tower’s new Ad Intelligence platform, we decided to take a look at some of the early adopters of the network since its official worldwide launch last month. Specifically, we wanted to know who these publishers are and the ways they’re spending. Here’s what we found when studying Instagram ad data gathered during the month of October.

Sensor Tower’s Q3 2015 Data Digest: The App Market Bounces Back

Cover of Sensor Tower's Q3 Data Digest


Which apps were downloaded most? Which publishers earned the highest revenue share? What advertising strategies did they use? The second edition of Sensor Tower’s quarterly Data Digest is here to answer these questions—and more—through an extensive, data-driven overview of the iOS mobile marketplace for Q3 2015.

Key highlights from our Q3 2015 report include:

  • How the app market bounced back following a slump in Q2
  • To what extent Google and Facebook continue to dominate App Store downloads
  • What ContextLogic’s reported $500 funding round meant for its advertising strategy
  • Overall market trends, top apps and publishers, global market insights, and more