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Sensor Log: A Look at Amazon’s Impressive App Growth

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In this week’s Sensor Log, we’re looking at the story told by our Store Intelligence platform about Amazon’s growth as a mobile shopping powerhouse. By now, you’ve already read about the company’s Q4 2015 results; the chart we’ve put together for this post sums up its growth on Apple’s App Store from 2014 through 2015. Read on to find out what we learned.

Sensor Tower’s Q4 2015 Data Digest: Apple’s App Store Has Its Best Quarter Yet

Cover of Sensor Tower's Q3 Data Digest


Learn about the macro trends that defined Apple’s App Store during Q4 2015 in the third edition of Sensor Tower’s quarterly Data Digest, now available. This free report, produced using industry-trusted download and revenue estimates from our Store Intelligence platform, highlights the leading apps and publishers from the fourth quarter of 2015 along with emerging trends and areas of growth.

Key highlights from our Q4 2015 report include:

  • Q4’s 5.5 billion downloads and $3.3 billion revenue—and how that compares to previous quarters.
  • Streaming entertainment apps are making strides in terms of both downloads and revenue.
  • China continues to grow as a consumer of iOS apps.
  • Google’s monetization of YouTube and its contribution to category growth.
  • Macro App Store trends, top apps and publishers, global market insights, and more.

Sensor Log: First Data on Exploding Kittens’ iOS Launch

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There’s probably an equation somewhere that proves adding cats to something is a foolproof way to ensure its runaway success. A great example of this was last year’s astronomic response to the Kickstarter campaign for The Oatmeal’s feline-filled physical card game, Exploding Kittens. Now the game has made its Apple App Store debut and, as our data shows, that “cat factor” seems to be working its magic yet again.

Hit the “read on” link below for a quick dose of new-and-hot app analytics in our first Sensor Log report.

Sensor Tower’s iOS Gaming Leaders for December 2015

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Worldwide games category downloads on Apple’s App Store grew more than 20 percent month-over-month in December, as revealed by Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence estimates, with nearly 104 million more games installed on iPhone and iPad last month than during November 2015. Revenue for the month from games neared $1 billion, up approximately 18 percent from the previous month’s $847 million.

In this report, we’ve ranked the top 10 most downloaded and highest-grossing gaming titles that contributed to these figures, both in the United States and worldwide. Read on to see which new games had App Store users frantically tapping the “Get” button, and how the games category’s top revenue performers fared during the final month of 2015.

Sensor Tower’s iOS App Leaders for December 2015

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If there’s one key theme we can pull from the final month of Apple App Store data for 2015, it’s that it was a good time to be a streaming video app publisher on iOS. In our latest non-gaming app rankings based on Sensor Tower’s industry-leading Store Intelligence download and revenue estimates, we dive into the month-over-month growth for these apps, find that December might not be the best month for love gurus, and more. Read on to explore our detailed charts and analysis.

App Store A/B Testing: The Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Approaches

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In this guest post, TestNest CEO and co-founder Nick Kurat takes us through the most prominent types of app store page A/B testing, explaining the pros and cons of each.

A/B testing is becoming increasingly crucial on the app stores for a good reason: All the marketing assets connected with a potential user’s decision to download have to be optimized for conversions. Otherwise, you might end up (unnecessarily) wasting your marketing dollars trying to guess at the most compelling creatives.

App store A/B testing has come a long way in a very short period of time. At TestNest, we spent a year and a half researching and building tools to speed up this evolution. Today, I want to share what we’ve learned about the most popular ways to handle app listing page A/B testing and compare the different approaches with one another.

Ad Intelligence Reveals Mobile Web Traffic Still More Dominant Than App Install Campaigns on Pinterest

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Earlier this month, Sensor Tower looked at the advertising types on social media. The major takeaway from this study was that gaming apps dominate in this space. Since that study focused specifically on app install campaigns, we wanted to revisit the data and this time look at the relationship between mobile web and mobile app.

In this post, we look at advertisements that direct users to the mobile web versus those that send users to the App Store (app install campaigns). For our sample, we chose to study Pinterest for the month of December since, in the last year, this social network has quickly made itself a major player in the advertising space.

‘The Force Awakens’ Release Sends Star Wars App Revenue Into Hyperdrive

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Have you felt it? There’s been an awakening… in downloads and revenue for mobile apps based on the Star Wars saga. With “The Force Awakens” smashing box office records, Sensor Tower wanted to determine if its runaway success has had any effect on apps tied to the lightsaber-hot intellectual property. What we found had us more surprised than parts of the movie we promise not to spoil in this post.

Sensor Tower’s iOS App Leaders for November 2015

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This week we’re launching the first-ever edition of Sensor Tower’s monthly Apple App Store non-gaming leader charts, based on the popularity of our ongoing iOS Gaming Leaders series. In this post, you’ll learn about November 2015’s top non-gaming apps by downloads, revenue, and fastest growth, with charts built using our industry-leading Store Intelligence estimates along with our expert analysis.

Keep reading to discover which apps topped the charts both in the U.S. and worldwide.