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Introducing Ad Intelligence: Pulling Back the Curtain on Mobile Advertising

At Sensor Tower, we’re keenly focused on the mobile app ecosystem and specifically on finding new ways to help our customers refine and grow their businesses.

Our App Intelligence and Store Intelligence platforms have received widespread acclaim and adoption from mobile marketers and analysts by helping them grow their installed bases through ASO and by profiling competitors and investment opportunities through comprehensive app download and revenue estimates for millions of apps.

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But these powerful platforms only paint a portion of the mobile picture.

  • Who is spending the most on mobile advertising?
  • What campaigns are they running and for how long?
  • Who is dominating “share of voice” across the major mobile ad networks?

We felt these questions were not only rational – but highly answerable! So we got to work… and we think you’re really going to like what we came up with.

Streaming Music Mobile Apps: Part 2

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In our prior “Round 1” blog entry on Apple’s impending move into streaming music, back in June, we used a range of features from Sensor Tower’s Mobile Market Intelligence solutions to size up the pre-launch landscape of the top tier of mobile app players in the streaming music category in Apple’s App Store.

Now that it’s been a few months, it seemed like a good time to look back at the mayhem on iOS. Some of the early results are actually quite surprising.

How to Write Compelling Push Notifications to Increase App Engagement and Retention

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Guest post by Logan Merrick: Logan is the co-founder and strategic director of Buzinga App Development, helping emerging tech businesses and innovative enterprises build world class apps. He has been personally involved in the development of over 75 successful projects, and writes regularly on the subjects of technology, startups and all stages of the app development process. Connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Push notifications are an essential part of any app’s engagement strategy. A solid push strategy will increase loyalty, retention, frequency of use and even your average session time. It does this purely by offering valuable content to the user.

Unfortunately, push notifications have a reputation for being annoying and ineffective. More and more apps are using push messages, and this has naturally caused app users to become more selective about who they let notify them.

One of the easiest ways you can increase your push message click-throuh-rate is by improving the copy – the text of the message itself.

This post will run through some best practices for how you can communicate immense value in your push notifications and get them opened!

Helpful New Resources From Sensor Tower’s Mobile Experts: Our Summer Content Roundup

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This summer, we’ve been all hands on deck sharing mobile best practices, ASO resources, and hard-hitting industry data around the web. Sensor Tower aims to provide our expertise to as many developers and aspiring app gurus as possible, so we’ve got a lot to report.

Sensor Tower’s Head of CS Talks Algorithms on the “App Guy” Podcast

No one knows more about navigating the Apple and Google Play algorithms than our very own Wes McCabe, Head of Customer Success. Paul Kemp, aka “The App Guy,” interviewed Wes about how app entrepreneurs and indie developers can improve their chances of success.

How Five Successful iOS Apps Implemented Price Reductions to Maintain Momentum

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Let’s say you’ve had a fabulously successful iOS app launch. Your ad campaigns have been impeccably scheduled. You’ve A/B tested your metadata, and you’re routinely updating keywords and copy to increase visibility and generate conversions. Apple gave you the famous ‘seven day boost’ to help you get off the ground, and it worked like a charm.

Now a few months have passed, and you’re wondering how to recreate that magnificent boost in high value users you saw during week one. One strategy that many publishers of paid apps utilize is a temporary price reduction. This takes some planning (and courage) to execute correctly, so our data science team has created a close-up on five apps that reduced their prices in order to bolster their user base.

iOS Conversion Rates: A Closer Look at the Weekdays and Countries That Are Driving the Most Downloads

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You know that Apple released its Analytics dashboard for iOS developers in April. And you know that Sensor Tower launched a corresponding App Analytics Metrics module last week.

Using the combination of these two platforms, our data science team has been analyzing mobile trends that were previously unknown. Because Apple’s Analytics now display app profile views and download numbers, it’s now possible to get an accurate picture of an app’s conversion rate.

We’ve uncovered information on which weekdays and countries see the greatest success with conversion. Welcome to the latest industry knowledge you absolutely cannot miss.

Sensor Tower Introduces App Analytics Metrics and a Sleek New UI

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Continuously improving our platform’s functional offerings and ease-of-use are high priorities at Sensor Tower. That’s why we’ve rolled out two incredible improvements to our App Intelligence solution this week.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the reworked navigation pane within the dashboard. I’ll also show you how we’ve incorporated your App Store Analytics from iTunes connect. And we’re not just pulling in the basics… Our engineers have added some flair of their own to ensure that your ASO and app marketing efforts evolve intelligently and efficiently.

Two App Marketing Strategies Learned From the Great Card Wars Comeback

What We Learned from the Great Card Wars Comeback


One of the best perks at Sensor Tower HQ is, without a doubt, unlimited access to data for all of our favorite apps. Okay, so maybe we’re a little nerdy… but our team is always using Sensor Tower’s Enterprise solutions to reverse engineer launch strategies, revenue trends, and more.

Cartoon Network’s Card Wars is one of my best-loved apps, so I’m always checking in on them to see how things are going. I discovered two strategies their mobile team is implementing to great success (read: huge spikes in downloads and consistent revenue). Come along with me on a data adventure!

The Ultimate Power of Trending Searches

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In early July, we did a breakdown of the App Store’s trending searches by country. You can read about what terms showed up most frequently around the world, and also discover how “sticky” the terms were (or how long they remained in Apple’s list).

Many of our customers wanted to see the impact that the trending searches feature can have, particularly on an app’s downloads. So today, we’ve investigated the effect this increased visibility can have on an app’s daily downloads. (Spoiler alert: It’s kind of amazing.)

5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Android App’s Visibility

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Because we work with hundreds of app developers, we’re keenly aware of how daunting entering the mobile marketplace can be. The time, energy and love spent building an awesome new product is merely a first step on the road to success. App Store Optimization needs to play a role in every developer’s process, both before and after app launch.

Though there are many steps one can (and should) take to continually optimize an app’s metadata, our team of ASO experts has created a list of five straightforward action items you can tackle today to improve your Android app’s Google Play visibility.