Clash Of Clans VS Candy Crush Saga - Which App Localizes Better?

Which successful iOS game does a better job of internationalization? Find out in this post.

Launching our Internationalization Tools has provided the opportunity for app developers to optimize their app's keywords for other countries and greatly increase their user base. But you might be wondering how the most successful apps are doing when it comes to localization.

In this post, we will pit the top two games on the Sensor Tower App Leaderboard against each other and see which one does a better job of targeting a worldwide audience. For simplicity, we will only analyze the 10 largest non-US App Stores. Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans currently rank #3 and #4, respectively, on our App Leaderboard.

Clash Of Clans

We will be using the Internationalization Tool that is available on our public App Profile Pages to get insight into how well these apps are localizing, compared to the Games Category on the App Store.

lt="Coc internationalization

When we look at the Ratio column on the far right, Clash of Clans outperforms the overall Games Category in terms of percentage of downloads from non-US countries, in 5 out of the 10 international App Stores. It has the best relative performance in Italy and the worst in South Korea.

Candy Crush Saga

Now let's look at what the Internationalization Tool tells about Candy Crush Saga. It only outperforms the Games Category in 2 out of the 10 countries. Interestingly, it also outperforms the category by the highest margin in Italy, but its weak country is Russia.

lt="Candy Crush analysis

And The Winner Is...

By looking at the information above, it would seem that Clash of Clans would be the clear winner, but can we be sure? The only way to tell is to compare them head-to-head. When we do that, it is indeed the case that Clash of Clans outperforms Candy Crush Saga.

lt="The best localization example

It is also helpful to look at the from the other perspective, using Clash of Clans as the primary app and Candy Crush as the comparison app.

lt="Alternate view of the data

When we look at this second view, it is a little easier to see that Clash of Clans is the clear winner when it comes to localization. Supercell is doing a better job of getting downloads in other countries, in terms of percentage of total downloads, compared to No wonder Supercell recently received a $1.5B investment. We hope you have found this comparison informative and that it has taught you how to analyze the localization performance of your app and your competition.

Do you have any questions about localizing your app? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hugh Kimura

Written by: Hugh Kimura, Head of Content

Date: October 2013

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