Infographic: Game Mechanics for Non-Gaming App Businesses

Mobile apps are stepping beyond gamification to increase retention. Find out how.

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No matter what category your mobile app is in, the challenge of retaining loyal users is universal. While generating initial interest and communication of value is top-of-mind, there's plenty of work to be done in keeping those users engaged and turning them into much-coveted Daily Active Users (DAU). But when your app or audience may be more utility focused or situational, how do you keep retention high?

Let's turn to the pioneers in growth and retention: mobile games.

Our infographic below details the kinds of techniques that can more traditionally be found in mobile games, and how they're currently appearing in non-gaming applications. While some of these may be considered tried-and-true "gamification" techniques, a few methods might still be surprising.

Click the infographic to download the full-size PDF.

Gaming Mechanics for Non-Gaming App Businesses Infographic

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Lauren Hockenson

Written by: Lauren Hockenson, Product Marketing Manager

Date: February 2020

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