You Can Now Price Your Android Apps Less Than 99 Cents In These 17 Countries

Google has changed its minimum pricing rules for Android apps in 17 countries to amounts less than 99 cents U.S.

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If you publish apps on international Google Play Stores, you now have the ability to set a lower minimum price for both apps and in-app purchases in select countries. Google had previously been testing the capability in India and has now rolled out the option in 17 additional countries.

Google says it's instituting the change to provide publishers with "more flexibility" with regards to app and IAP pricing in order to better accommodate local economies. The new minimum prices range from the equivalent of US$0.21 in India to US$0.45 in Poland. Continue reading to see a full list of countries affected and new minimum prices there.

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The new prices are available now through the Google Play Developer Console.

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Randy Nelson

Written by: Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Date: November 2015

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