Helpful New Resources from Sensor Tower's Mobile Experts: Our Summer Content Roundup

Check out these info-rich podcasts and resources we've been creating with our partners around the web.

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This summer, we've been all hands on deck sharing mobile best practices, ASO resources, and hard-hitting industry data around the web. Sensor Tower aims to provide our expertise to as many developers and aspiring app gurus as possible, so we've got a lot to report.

Sensor Tower's Head of CS Talks Algorithms on the "App Guy" Podcast

Screenshot of App Guy Podcast Featuring Wes McCabe

No one knows more about navigating the Apple and Google Play algorithms than our very own Wes McCabe, Head of Customer Success. Paul Kemp, aka "The App Guy," interviewed Wes about how app entrepreneurs and indie developers can improve their chances of success.

ASO Pro Tips with Crew

Our friends at Crew have an amazing blog, which is chock-full of resources for designers, developers, and entrepreneurs of all types. We contributed many of the App Store Optimization best practices that Sensor Tower has been exploring and perfecting for years. Learn more by reading "You launched, now what? How to boost your app's visibility" by Jory MacKay.

The How-To's of App Store Search

Screenshot of App Guy Podcast Featuring Wes McCabe

Because Buzinga is hard at work developing apps in Melbourne, understanding the many faces of App Store Search is very important to their team. Sensor Tower contributed a guest post on this topic, called "Getting Discovered: How to Hack App Store Search." You'll learn more about: trending searches, search suggestions, searching by publisher, and how these items can contribute to increased discoverability.

On-Demand Sensor Tower Training

If a visual walkthrough of the ASO workflow and the Sensor Tower platform are what you need to get started, this training video is for you! We'll take you through ASO basics, help you establish your testing and iteration process, and demonstrate how each Sensor Tower module contributes to your app marketing efforts.

Premier Edition of the Sensor Tower Quarterly Report

Cover of Sensor Tower's Q2 Data Digest

In case you missed it, here's another opportunity to check out our Q2 Data Digest. In this report, our data science team uncovers the publishers, categories and countries that recently came out on top. Discover current download and revenue benchmarks across the industry, and use this store intelligence to strategically plan for coming months.

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Karen Biscopink

Written by: Karen Biscopink, Head of Content

Date: August 2015

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