Ad Intelligence Reveals Mobile Web Traffic Still More Dominant than App Install Campaigns on Pinterest

Sensor Tower's Ad Intelligence reveals that mobile web traffic campaigns currently outnumber app install campaigns on Pinterest.

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Earlier this month, Sensor Tower looked at the advertising types on social media. The major takeaway from this study was that gaming apps dominate in this space. Since that study focused specifically on app install campaigns, we wanted to revisit the data and this time look at the relationship between mobile web and mobile app.

In this post, we look at advertisements that direct users to the mobile web versus those that send users to the App Store (app install campaigns). For our sample, we chose to study Pinterest for the month of December since, in the last year, this social network has quickly made itself a major player in the advertising space.

Top on Pinterest December 2015

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Looking at the top 10 advertisers by Share of Voice (SOV) above, we can see large brands like Target and eBay using mobile web traffic campaigns for their mobile advertising efforts. Meanwhile, Etsy, OpenSky, Stylebook, and Pinterest promote their mobile apps instead.

Outside of the top 10, Sensor Tower found that mobile web traffic campaigns represented 73 percent of all advertising activity, while app install campaigns comprised the remaining 27 percent. Part of the reason for the disparity is that Pinterest only recently started to introduce app install campaigns. The format launched in February of this year and has grown month-over-month, but still continues to lag behind mobile web traffic campaigns for the platform.

Mobile Traffic Versus App Install Campaigns on Pinterest in December 2015

It will be interesting to see if Pinterest can catch up to Facebook, a platform that has become the standard for app developers looking to acquire mobile app users.

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Wes McCabe

Written by: Wes McCabe, Product Marketing Manager

Date: December 2015

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