Sensor Tower's Q3 2015 Data Digest: The App Market Bounces Back

Our free report contains valuable insights into the Apple App Store, with accurate download and revenue estimates for Q3 2015's top apps and publishers.

Cover of Sensor Tower's Q3 Data Digest

Which apps were downloaded most? Which publishers earned the highest revenue share? What advertising strategies did they use? The second edition of Sensor Tower’s quarterly Data Digest is here to answer these questions—and more—through an extensive, data-driven overview of the iOS mobile marketplace for Q3 2015.

Key highlights from our Q3 2015 report include:

  • How the app market bounced back following a slump in Q2

  • To what extent Google and Facebook continue to dominate App Store downloads

  • What ContextLogic’s reported $500 funding round meant for its advertising strategy

  • Overall market trends, top apps and publishers, global market insights, and more

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The charts and insights in this report were derived from Sensor Tower’s widely trusted Apple App Store download and revenue estimates. Our Store Intelligence product—the same platform used by leading mobile publishers to make informed decisions and drive maximum growth—was utilized in the report’s creation

New this quarter, the advertising insights appearing in the report were produced using our latest product, Ad Intelligence, which provides mobile marketers with an unprecedented level of access to the strategies and creatives being utilized by App Store publishers.

To learn more about Store Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, and how our industry-leading data can elevate your mobile marketing efforts, schedule a demo today.

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Randy Nelson

Written by: Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Date: October 2015

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