Downloads And Revenue Module Updated For Easier App Tracking

Learn how we improved the revenue and downloads module for better app intelligence.

We recently redesigned the Downloads and Revenue module. This short post will show you the improvements that we have made and how they can make it easier for you to track your apps.

As soon as you open the module you will be able to see your total download and revenue numbers at top of the screen. We made the font large so it is easy to read at a glance.

lt="total revenue and downloads numbers

Next, we created two large tabs that make it easy for you to select which metric you want to examine. You can select the date range you want to view and if you want to see the downloads/revenue for iPhone, iPad or both. There are currently only download numbers available for Google Play, but we are working on adding revenue for Android apps also.

lt="report tabs

Once you select your metric, date range and device, the graph will refresh to show your downloads or revenue. Each country will be displayed in a different color.

At the bottom of the screen is a country breakdown that shows you exactly how your app is doing in each country it is available in. If you have not localized your app yet, a good place to start would be countries in which your app is already doing well. To learn more about localization, read this post.

You can also download your data in CSV format. Just click on the button under the graph.

lt="download via CSV


So if you have not connected your iTunes account in our dashboard yet, it only takes a few seconds. Also remember that you can track your ad spending with our new Ad Spending module.

lt="connect your iTunes and Google Play accounts

What do you think about our redesigned Downloads and Revenue module? Let us know in the comments below...

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Hugh Kimura

Written by: Hugh Kimura, Head of Content

Date: September 2014

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