Sensor Tower Introduces App Analytics Metrics and a Sleek New UI

The Sensor Tower ASO dashboard has been redesigned to include a brand new, easy to use UI. Even more exciting? We've added a new module to incorporate your iOS Analytics, seamlessly brought over from iTunes Connect!

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Continuously improving our platform's functional offerings and ease-of-use are high priorities at Sensor Tower. That's why we've rolled out two incredible improvements to our App Intelligence solution this week.

In this post, I'll walk you through the reworked navigation pane within the dashboard. I'll also show you how we've incorporated your App Store Analytics from iTunes connect. And we're not just pulling in the basics... Our engineers have added some flair of their own to ensure that your ASO and app marketing efforts evolve intelligently and efficiently.

Say Hello to App Analytics Metrics

First off, let's explore the exciting newest addition to our platform: App Analytics Metrics. If you're an iOS developer, you probably know that Apple added an "App Analytics" component to all iTunes Connect dashboards. For the first time, data around app profile views, downloads, retention, and more were provided to developers. No one enjoys navigating back and forth between multiple platforms for every project. That's why we're now pulling App Analytics directly into your Sensor Tower account! Simply sync your iTunes Connect credentials within the dashboard, and you'll be able to take advantage of the functionality below.

Note: To sync your iTunes Connect credentials, click your email address in the top right-hand corner and select "Credentials." Enter your iTunes Connect email and password, and you'll be ready to go!

Not only have we brought in all data from Apple's App Analytics Metrics menu, we've included a feature that will allow you to compare one data set to another. (See the top left corner of the screenshot above.) Want to visualize any disparity between your app profile views and download rates? Compare these numbers in your Sensor Tower dashboard to immediately build an assessment of your app's conversion rate. To get even more specific, you can break down these numbers by country, device, and date range.

Finally, we've added something special that Apple doesn't include in their dashboard. Our module will include icons along the base of each graph to indicate when an app was updated. This will help developers conduct impact analysis for specific updates, while comparing any two data sets from the Apple metrics.

Improved Navigation in the App Intelligence Dashboard

The frequent addition of valuable new modules to our platform (Featured Rankings, for example) keeps us busy creating optimized workflows for Sensor Tower users. When you log in to your account, you'll notice that the long list of modules has now been collapsed into three main categories:

  • App Profiles

  • Sales Metrics

  • App Store Optimization

The App Profiles category has integrated our app overview pages directly into the optimization workflow. This section collectively includes: the overview for any app in the store (iOS or Android), category rankings, review history and review analysis, as well as featured app rankings. This is where our Enterprise users will also find the update timeline for any live app, in addition to our internationalization module.

We've also collapsed the ASO-specific modules into their own category, labeled App Store Optimization. Here you'll find the same group of powerful keyword analysis tools Sensor Tower has always provided, along with the Track Competitors module. Navigating this list in its entirety will help you clearly establish the planning and iteration process that works best for your team. It's (literally) pretty neat!

Log in to your Sensor Tower dashboard today to take advantage of these additions and improvements! As always, we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas. Let us know in the comments section below how you plan to use the new App Analytics Metrics module.

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Karen Biscopink

Written by: Karen Biscopink, Head of Content

Date: July 2015