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Pathmatics Joins Sensor Tower to Empower the Next Generation of Digital Marketing Intelligence

Sensor Tower is acquiring digital advertising leader Pathmatics to connect the dots of the modern consumer experience.

Pathmatics Joins Sensor Tower to Empower the Next Generation of Digital Marketing Intelligenc

As technology and innovation increasingly drive the global economy, understanding and navigating digital marketing has become an essential throughline to consumers. With greater distractions vying for our attention, reaching and engaging with consumers has become increasingly complicated. Sensor Tower has been at the forefront of understanding these challenges with best-in-class solutions that provide today's mobile developers and marketers with a competitive edge. Now we're entering the next stage of our mission to deliver the most trusted market insights by welcoming Pathmatics into the Sensor Tower family.

Founded in 2011, Santa Monica, Calif.-based Pathmatics has established itself as a leader in the world of digital advertising intelligence, with its flagship product, Pathmatics Explorer, providing deep, actionable insights across the digital advertising ecosystem. Pathmatics Explorer delivers rich data on advertising creatives, impressions, spend, and audiences, across display, social, video, and mobile. By combining Sensor Tower and Pathmatics, users will have access to unique insights while respecting consumer privacy and maintaining a pulse on dynamic digital trends.

"Our goal since day one has been to turn the world's digital data into trusted and actionable insights. Today, that goal is realized as we become part of the Sensor Tower family," said Gabe Gottlieb, CEO of Pathmatics. "Pathmatics has provided insight for the ever changing digital and social media landscape and we're thrilled to expand our global footprint with the addition of mobile app analytics to customers."

Sensor Tower and Pathmatics will operate as complementary solutions with a common goal: to create better outcomes in the digital economy for businesses and consumers. The combined entities will continue to utilize the same industry leading data science models, which are paired with a thoughtfully designed user panel. This panel that yields high-quality mobile user insights while remaining in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and upholding high standards for consumer privacy.

"One of the biggest challenges global brands will have will be connecting the digital dots for the consumer experience," said Alex Malafeev, CEO of Sensor Tower. To this end, Sensor Tower has launched a variety of innovative solutions since its founding in 2013, including Ad Intelligence and Usage Intelligence, which provide enterprise subscribers with robust insights into the competitive mobile advertising landscape and ever-changing consumer behavior while adhering to industry best practices for privacy.

A Sign of Commitment to a Growing Space

Today's announcement signals an intent to leverage the strengths of Sensor Tower and Pathmatics' respective product offerings to provide the clearest path to success yet for digital marketers. While the companies will operate independently for the time being, both will seek opportunities to bring the services together in ways that are the most optimal for customers.

Sensor Tower's acquisition of Pathmatics comes on the heels of a May 2020 investment in the company by Riverwood Capital, which raised $45 million and set us on a path of rapid growth to better service the digital marketing ecosystem.

"As the global economy increasingly shifts to digital, it's imperative that companies can understand and navigate the entire digital landscape, from mobile to web and desktop, using accurate and insightful data," said Ramesh Venugopal, Principal at Riverwood Capital. "The combination of Sensor Tower and Pathmatics presents a unique and valuable offering to customers allowing them to take advantage of a broad range of datasets with increased focus on consumer privacy and deep digital insights that leaders in every industry will need."

For customer enquiries regarding this news, please contact your Sensor Tower account manager or info@sensortower.com. Media inquiries can be directed to press@sensortower.com. Terms of the deal will not be disclosed.

Sensor Tower's Ad Intelligence platform is an Enterprise level offering. Interested in learning more?

Sensor Tower's platform is an enterprise-level offering. Interested in learning more?

Lou Hong

Written by: Lou Hong, Vice President of Marketing

Date: May 2021