The Top iOS App Publisher Rankings

This is how our real-time ranking chart of the top iOS app publishers on the Apple App Store works.

As you have probably guessed, after releasing our App Profile Pages, App Leaderboard and Publisher Profile Pages, sooner or later, we were going to create a Publisher Leaderboard too. Well, here it is.

You can now track the current rankings of the top app publishers, ranked by Estimated Publisher Worth, which is based on the cumulative Estimated App Worth of all the apps in their portfolio. Other top charts usually rank apps and publishers based on one metric (downloads, gross revenue, etc.) but what sets our Leaderboards apart is the fact that we use our own proprietary system for ranking apps.

It is based on an algorithm that takes several different factors into account, such as: user estimates, user activity, international reach and our Secret Sauce. And yes, we also take estimated revenue and downloads into account too.

What The Publisher Leaderboard Shows You

The Publisher Leaderboard can be found in the drop down menu in the main menu bar on our homepage, under Rankings.

When you click on that link, you will see the Publisher Leaderboard for all categories. If you would like to see the publisher rankings for individual App Store categories, select the category from the list on the left side.

Each publisher listing on the Leaderboard shows the Estimated Worth of that publisher, as well as small icons, indicating the top five most successful apps that the publisher makes. If you hover over the app icons, you can see the name of the app and clicking on the icon will take you to the App Profile Page. When you click on one of the publishers, you will be taken to the Publisher Profile Page.

How It Can Help You

The Publisher Leaderboard is just another way that we help you keep track of what the best publishers are doing, so you figure out what is working for them and implement strategies that are relevant to your app. Because the Publisher Leaderboard is based on many different inputs (as opposed to charts that rank based only on downloads, for example), we feel that it is a much more complete picture of which publishers are truly successful.


We hope that you use the Publisher Leaderboard to research the successful apps in your category, so you can make your app better and get more downloads. Learning from the best is the fastest way to become successful in any endeavor and our mission is to create tools that will give you the competitive advantage.

Note: Since this post was first published, we have deprecated the Estimate App Worth feature in favor of our Store Intelligence product.

What do you think of the new Publisher Leaderboard? Is there any other information that you would like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hugh Kimura

Written by: Hugh Kimura, Head of Content

Date: September 2013

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