Video Post: An ASO Deep Dive with Sega and Sensor Tower

Watch executives from Sega and Sensor Tower share their ASO best practices and success stories!

San Francisco's Agile Marketing Meetup recently hosted an event dedicated to ASO best practices and learnings. Sensor Tower co-founder Alex Malafeev shared extensive knowledge of ASO's importance, ASO best practices for the iOS and Android platforms, and current trends in the mobile marketplace.

We were also delighted that Spiros Christakopoulos (Senior Manager of User Acquisition for Sega) spoke at the event. Providing direct examples of the successes Sega has achieved via ASO, Spiros' presentation is an invaluable look at the benefits of regular testing and iteration.

The video above captures the entirety of both Alex and Spiros' presentations. Want to learn how to implement ASO into your marketing strategy? Check it out, and discover how ASO can boost your downloads and revenue!

Thank you to the SF Agile Marketing Meetup for allowing us to participate in such a fantastic event! You can view their original post for the video here.

Would you like a Sensor Tower mobile expert to speak at your upcoming event? We'd love to! Email for more details.

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Karen Biscopink

Written by: Karen Biscopink, Head of Content

Date: July 2015

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