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Featured in the report:

The Shift in Mobile Game Revenue

The report reveals an intriguing shift in the mobile app landscape. While mobile games have been dominating the market, their share of revenue is projected to decline considerably over the next five years.

We'll delve into the reasons behind this change and explore the emerging opportunities in non-gaming categories. Discover how you can leverage this trend to maximize your app's revenue potential.

Brazil's Rise to Mobile App Supremacy

As traditional powerhouses stabilize, Brazil is emerging as a dynamic mobile app market with enormous growth potential.

Our report highlights Brazil's meteoric rise in revenue and downloads, positioning it to overtake the United States as the second-largest market by 2027. Uncover the key factors driving Brazil's success and capitalize on this exciting opportunity.

The Surge of Productivity and Tools Apps

The mobile app industry is undergoing a transformation, and non-gaming categories are taking center stage. Our report sheds light on the surging popularity of productivity and tools apps.

Discover how advancements in artificial intelligence are driving growth in productivity app downloads and how the increasing demand for VPN apps is reshaping the tools category. Unleash the potential of these rapidly growing segments.