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The digital advertising intelligence data feed that helps you power your systems, tools, and models.

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For those who need their data integrated with other platforms

Pathmatics Connect by Sensor Tower is a data feed that brings digital advertising data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, OTT, display, video, and more, straight to you. Our automated data feed delivers large volumes of data so you can create your own dashboards, reports, and data visualizations in a format that works best for you.

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You choose the categories you want, at the frequency that works best for you

Once equipped with the Pathmatics Connect data, you can create your own downstream logic and rules to query millions of rows of advertisement data -- and narrow down to an exact topic or keyword that is most important to you.

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Multi-touch attribution models

Incorporate granular digital advertising data into attribution models to measure share of voice impacts.

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Business intelligence tools

Combine multiple marketing data sources to align marketing, operations and strategic planning.

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CRM integration

Empower your teams with unique insights on brands, publishers and trends in digital advertising

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Our data taxonomy is the first of its kind

Pathmatics data taxonomy is the first data classification system designed by the modern marketer, for the modern marketer. Both informed by well-established tech giants and a direct response to feedback from our customers, our data taxonomy is customized to meet the needs of real, top digital media decision-makers.

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And... our data is better for you

The Pathmatics platform separates and categorizes advertisements -- to offer you a granular and relevant view into digital advertising in the marketplace. Through our massive data sets, you can research specific brands and products, drill down into multiple layers of categories, and perform better comparisons.

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More than 65 data points to empower full scale comparisons

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Automatic delivery of data -- updated faster than your agency

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Merge data and unique queries, using your own logic and rules

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Flexibility to filter and sort massive competitor data sets

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Find competitors running similar campaigns

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Compare viewing spend and impressions to discover trends

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Get Pathmatics Explorer!

Pathmatics Explorer by Sensor Tower, brings visibility into the digital advertising ecosystems throughout the US, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. With Explorer you’ll get access to ads, spend and impression estimates, and insight into brands’ advertising strategies across: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, display, video, mobile, and OTT. Request Demo.

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