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PM Explorer - Image - Digital Ad Insights

Get insights across the digital 
advertising ecosystem

Pathmatics Dashboard by Sensor Tower, brings visibility into the digital advertising ecosystems throughout the US, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. With Pathmatics Dashboard you’ll get access to ads, spend and impression estimates, and insight into brands’ advertising strategies across: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, display, video, mobile, and OTT.

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Obtain granular insights on media spend

Find out where competitors are investing video ad dollars to inform your spend

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Evaluate your competitor’s marketing campaigns

Compare advertisers, see share of voice, and identify missed opportunities


Dive deep into creative strategies

View trending ads by channel to understand creative best practices

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PM Explorer - Image - Digital Trends - Display Section

Dive into digital display advertising data to Identify trends that drive growth

Understand which sites are earning brands’ desktop and mobile display ad budgets and how display fits into a brand’s total digital media mix. See which brands are spending the most on display in a given category and who your display advertising competitors are so you can adjust your budgets and better reach your targets. View historical spend and impression trends to determine how brands are shifting their display spend over time.

PM Explorer - Image - Competitor Strategies

Monitor competitors’ campaign strategies

Gain insight into messaging, impressions, and flighting for each ad and compare spend side-by-side to assess competitor share of voice. See the types of ads brands are running, how ads compare across categories, and which remained in the market longest. Compare competitor’s historical spending habits to predict future buying patterns and tune spending strategies to de-position competitors.

PM Explorer - Image - Creatives - Display Section

Discover creatives that resonate

Create eye-catching visuals and copy that resonates with target audiences by gaining visibility into the creative strategies of your competitors and the top brands in the world. View messaging, size, sites, and landing pages for each creative and how positioning strategies and tactics differ across categories, like Auto, Telecom, etc. Analyze creative differences across networks to understand what is and isn’t working.

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PM Explorer - Image - Social - Historical Spend

See historical spend trends and 
compare advertisers

Quickly understand spend and impressions for advertisers over time. Filter by brands, categories, and devices to gain insight into channel strategies across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, OTT, display, mobile, and more. Compare multiple advertisers to understand share of voice and identify competitive advantages.

PM Explorer - Image - Social - Analyze Creative

Analyze creative, messaging, 
and targeting strategies

Dive deep into ad creatives to gain insight into messaging, CTA, audience profiles, site targeting, spend, impressions, ad type, and flighting for every creative. See top sites and landing pages for each creative to understand where, when, and how your competitors are advertising. View audience insights across gender, geo, and mobile OS.

PM Explorer - Image - Social - Top Rankings

Discover top advertiser, brand, 
and category, and site rankings

See ranking reports for top advertisers across social, video, desktop, and mobile to understand which advertisers are spending the most, and where. Quickly identify category leaders by device and channel and view historical spend trends by vertical. View site and publisher rankings (including social channels) to unearth trends and identify new opportunities.

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PM Explorer - Image - Video - Confidently Invest

Data driven decision making for video advertising

Understand how advertisers are activating across mobile & desktop video, OTT and YouTube as part of their total digital media mix. View historical spend and impression trends to determine how brands are shifting their video spend over time and how events like holidays or programming shifts impact video advertising. Plus, see the exact creatives that brands are running on popular streaming services and leverage best practices to develop impactful ad campaigns that drive business results.

PM Explorer - Image - Video - Accurate Insights

Accurate insights from real viewers

Pathmatics’ video ad intelligence is powered by a real panel of viewers plus data aggregators, providing the most accurate view of the video advertising landscape. Our panel-based approach represents a diverse set of viewer demographics and characteristics and captures ad insights across mobile & desktop video, OTT and YouTube helping identify the positioning and creative strategies the most successful brands in the world use to dominate – including your competitors.

PM Explorer - Image - Video - Channel Trends

View granular level channel trends

Gain insight into messaging, audio, spend, impressions, and flighting for each ad and compare spend side-by-side to assess which networks may be most effective for your brand. Identify which networks a brand is investing in to understand the channels that may perform well for a brand - or which services have untapped potential for your ad campaign. Then, use creative insights to craft ads that will resonate with the unique audiences on each streaming service.

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