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Obtain actionable mobile user data derived from Sensor Tower’s trusted panel of millions of mobile users

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ST Consumer Intelligence App Hourly Engagement

Create engagement benchmarks for the world’s biggest apps

Discover relevant user behavior trends in the mobile app economy and compare engagement performance among the world’s biggest apps. From social networks to SVOD platforms and gig economy apps, understand user behavior by mobile category, or groups of select apps. Zoom into time spent by different time segments, and discover session counts over a preselected time series to see what real-world engagement looks like for these major players.

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Set benchmarks for real-world app performance

Estimate the success of top apps with proprietary panel data

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Get a clear, unfiltered picture of user retention

Articulate actual week-to-week retention, session count and time spent

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Assess the apps that compete for the same audience

Segment user engagement by important category or app-level behaviors

ST Consumer Intelligence App Change Over Time

Develop custom cohorts and analyze segmented retention

Define engagement benchmarks and churn behaviors for a unique subset of users, and measure user behaviors with your own custom segmentation of real-life user data. Plus, gauge the performance of a major app relative to engagement across a broader category and identify user groups that are predisposed to use a certain app or group of apps, and understand unique retention insights that show a major app’s week-to-week user retention across a given time series.

ST Consumer Intelligence App ATS Entity

Articulate day-to-day mobile behaviors

Our proprietary user panel allows for an in-depth look at user behavior at the day level. Take user behavior analysis one step further by showing how users engage on an hourly basis with a major app, and uncovering differences in usage between apps in a similar category. Plus, compare hourly usage behavior between the U.S. and a global audience to see how different markets engage with an app.

Analyst, NYC-based Hedge Fund ($2bn AUM)

“Sensor Tower’s Consumer Intelligence offers a critical lever for us to make important investment decisions on behalf of our clients, and ensure we’re staying on top of key market-moving trends in mobile.”

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