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Generate deep mobile insights with highly accurate store download & revenue data.

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See what translates into success for the top apps in the mobile economy

Parse critical mobile app store data such as downloads and revenue in the App Store, Google Play Store, or unified across the two. Plus, examine global data as well as granular regional and country data, and apply Sensor Tower’s industry-attuned filters-- or create your own custom tags and fields.

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Identify trends that drive revenue and download success

Analyze how top performers convert user acquisition into sustainable revenue

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Gain insight into market shifts at the category level

Understand historical and current trends driving the mobile market

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Uncover which channels app publishers are acquiring new users from

Analyze how companies are sustaining long-term growth through organic and paid user acquisition strategies

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Uncover market-wide mobile trends in installs and spend

See the historical download and revenue data for nearly all mobile apps available in the App Store and GooglePlay, and see shifts in the market over time broken down by country and device. Compare apps on revenue, data, and revenue per download, with the option to align by each app’s launch, and surface the critical markets driving downloads and revenue. Plus, set up custom alerts to email or Slack, so your team can get alerted to changes in real time.

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Level-up your view into the competitive mobile gaming landscape

Sensor Tower Game Intelligence combines an expansive proprietary gaming classification system with value-focused metrics to produce the most compelling views for the world’s top games. Dive deep into how the subgenre, art style, IP, or setting of a particular game affects downloads and revenue. Plus, compare the size of different markets for art styles or genres on a per-country basis, and identify the leaders of those markets at the game and publisher level.

Downloads by Source

Monitor app growth through organic, paid and browser channels over time

Downloads by Source gives you a deeper look into the opaque world of user acquisition by allowing you to view which channels app publishers are acquiring new users from. This added granularity for download data showcases the distribution of paid, organic, and browser channels over a time series.

These insights are valuable for marketers and growth teams looking to gain an edge on the competition and grow their user base.

Sensor Tower Blog

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