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Which Mobile Apps have seen the most growth? 

Our responsibility-sourced data can tell you.

In our Q1 2023 Data Digest report, we’ve compiled an overview of the quarters top apps, games and publishers so you can make better decisions when planning your mobile app growth strategies.

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Access the report and discover:

  • How the Mobile App Market has changed compared to Q1 last year

  • The top  Apps, Games and Publishers generating the most downloads and revenue

  • Which countries are seeing the most downloads on Google Play and the App Store

In addition, we’ve highlighted three different Apps and or categories that have seen growth, as well as setbacks in Q1 2023.  Those Apps include:

  • AI-Powered 

  • Social Network 

  • Marketplace 

Discover the  AI Apps that saw the most downloads and revenue across the different markets, which markets saw a decline in Social Network Apps, and lastly, which Marketplace App experienced growth and is rapidly gaining adoption in North America.