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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Has Made $10 Million So Far, One Third as Much as Fire Emblem Heroes at Launch

Sensor Tower estimates that Nintendo's third mobile game has grossed less than half as much as Super Mario Run during the same period post-launch.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Title

Having been downloaded 15 million times in less than a week, Nintendo's third mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, has grossed an estimated $10 million worldwide since its global launch, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data. In this post, we look at how that compares to the first two mobile game releases from the Kyoto-based gaming giant, along with which countries' players are spending the most in-game.

Our revenue estimates for the first nine days of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's worldwide availability ($10 million) show that the title ranks third behind Fire Emblem Heroes ($33 million) and Super Mario Run ($24 million) in terms of total player spend for the same period following these titles' global launches. Note that the figures below are gross revenue and that Super Mario Run's total includes both its App Store and Google Play Launches.

First nine days revenue of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp compared to Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes

In plain terms, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has grossed less than one third as much as Fire Emblem Heroes and less than one half as much as Super Mario Run in the same amount of time post-launch.

Japan Leads in spending

Looking at where Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's revenue is coming from so far, we found that Japan has accounted for about 86 percent of player spending to date. The second largest share of revenue for the game thus far has come from the United States at about 11 percent of the total. The chart below shows how this spending has broken down as a ratio of average revenue per download.

First nine days revenue per download of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp compared to Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes

Japan is far and away the leader by this measure at an average of $4.16 per download so far. In fact, player spending in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to date in Japan is close to what we were seeing with Fire Emblem Heroes' first nine days there, when it earned an average of $4.60 per download. Fire Emblem Heroes has gone on to gross more than $240 million worldwide at an average of about $20 per download, obviously a tremendous monetization success for Nintendo.

Of course, the chart above also shows that Japanese players are monetizing far better than those in any other country, to the extent that they have spent about 16 times as much on average per download than the second-highest-spending country, Canada, at 25 cents. The U.S. is ranked seventh at an average of 12 cents per download.

Bear in mind that these are still extremely early days for Nintendo's latest title, and that the publisher has yet to begin rolling out what will surely be an extensive and long-term campaign of new content and in-game events. In fact, the game is already running its first live event themed around the Christmas holiday. We will of course continue to follow Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's app store performance very closely as it matures as a title and post our latest findings here on the Sensor Tower blog. Follow us on Twitter to learn about our latest updates before anyone else.

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Randy Nelson

Written by: Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Date: December 2017