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Sensor Tower Tracks Today Tab Featuring on the iOS 11 App Store

See a complete history of Apple's new Today Tab content for each country's App Store with Sensor Tower's latest App Intelligence feature.

Sensor Tower Featured Today Announcement Hero Image

Introduced as part of the completely revamped App Store in iOS 11, the Today tab takes featuring to a whole new level with six pieces of app-focused original content released every day by Apple's editorial team. Until now, mobile marketers only had access to the past seven days worth of this content via their iOS devices. In an industry first, Sensor Tower has launched a new component of our leading marketing intelligence platform, Featured Today, which provides a full history of Today tab features and a visually rich presentation that recreates the content exactly as it appears on actual devices.

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App Intelligence Integration

Fully integrated with Sensor Tower's App Intelligence product, Featured Today displays Apple's Today tab content cards along with icons, names, and publishers for each app associated with them. These serve as links to each app's respective App Profile Page on our platform.

Featured Today captures all of the individual card formats currently utilize in the App Store's Today tab feed and will add any new formats as they're introduced.

Example Featured Today cards showing Our Favorite and The Daily list from Apple's iOS 11 App Store Today feed

API Support

In addition to our web-based Today tab archive, Sensor Tower has built a Today feed API that our enterprise customers can call to pull detailed featuring data for their own analysis purposes. For full details, contact your Customer Strategy representative.

Featured Today joins Sensor Tower's existing iOS 11 support within our App Intelligence platform, which integrates new features of the refreshed App Store experience including app subtitles and promotional text.

Sensor Tower's Featured Today is part of our industry-leading mobile app market intelligence platform. Interested in learning more? Request a live demo with our team!

Sensor Tower's platform is an enterprise-level offering. Interested in learning more?

Randy Nelson

Written by: Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Date: October 2017