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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Revenue Surpasses $380 Million So Far

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire revenue totals $380 million worldwide according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

Final Fantasy XV A New Empire Revenue

After launching to appropriately grand fanfare in June 2018, MZ's Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire—the strategy focused mobile spinoff of Square Enix's latest fantasy RPG epic—hasn't exactly been under a constant spotlight. However, as Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data reveals, the title has been stealthily amassing a fortune over the past 13 months totaling more than $380 million in worldwide player spending across the App Store and Google Play.

Sensor Tower estimates that more than 45 million players have installed Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire to date, with the single largest portion of those in the United States, accounting for 32 percent of first-time downloads.

The U.S. Leads in Revenue—But Japanese Players Spend More

Players in the U.S. have been responsible for about 41 percent of spending in the game so far, totaling more than $138 million, but the significantly smaller Japanese player base (about 5 percent of installs) has them beat on per-install monetization, accounting for 30 percent—$116 million—of the title's revenue.

In terms of average revenue per install, that breaks down to about $10 for the U.S. but nearly $60 for Japan—which isn't surprising given that the country's mobile gamers are known for being the world's biggest spenders on the hobby.

Gross Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire revenue was off about 14 percent quarter-over-quarter in Q2, but nevertheless totaled nearly $100 million worldwide from both stores combined.

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Randy Nelson

Written by: Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Date: August 2018