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Fortnite Mobile Revenue Reaches Half a Billion Dollars on iOS in Less Than a Year

Fortnite revenue on iOS has hit $504 million in the 11 months following its March 2018 launch, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data reveals.

Fortnite Revenue 500 Million iOS

Having nearly hit the mark before the end of 2018, the mobile version of Fortnite has officially grossed half a billion dollars worldwide on iOS for publisher Epic Games, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data confirms. It crossed the $500 million player spending mark just 326 days after its March 15, 2018 launch on Apple's platform, hitting the milestone in less than a year and beating the previous times set by other major iOS multiplayer action games including Clash Royale (Supercell) at 389 days and Honor of Kings (Tencent) at 405.

Fortnite Revenue Days to 500 Million iOS

Fortnite's iOS version took in an average of $1.53 million per day during its race to the half-billion mark. The overwhelming majority of this spending came from players in the United States, who accounted for 64 percent or $320 million of the total.

Speaking of percentages, we estimate that Apple has claimed approximately $150 million of this by way of its 30 percent platform fee on in-app purchases, with the other $350 million going to Epic Games. While the half a billion in gross revenue doesn't factor in the more than $100 million we estimate Android players have spent since the game launched on that platform, Epic Games is retaining 100 percent of that sum via its decision to bypass Google Play—much to the Alphabet subsidiary's chagrin.

Fortnite was the No. 9 ranked mobile app worldwide last year based solely on its iOS revenue. It ranked No. 6 among games only. Last month, it ranked No. 7, having grossed an estimated $38 million globally.

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Randy Nelson

Written by: Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Date: February 2019