Sensor Tower Launches Games Breakdown, Delivering Vital Insights into Mobile Gaming Subcategory Performance

Sensor Tower Store Intelligence's Games Breakdown feature delivers mobile gaming revenue and download estimates on the subcategory level.

Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Games Breakdown

Comprising a third of all app downloads and close to three-quarters of revenue generated by the App Store and Google Play, mobile games continue to be a driving force of the global app economy. Sensor Tower is bringing expanded visibility into this pivotal category with the launch of our latest Store Intelligence feature, Games Breakdown.

Games Breakdown enables Sensor Tower enterprise users to dig deeper into the mobile games category with revenue and download estimates for individual gaming subcategories across both stores. This feature supports all current subcategories distinct to the App Store and Google Play in all of the countries and regions available in the Sensor Tower platform.

Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Games Breakdown by Country

The feature offers three core views: Game Category, Country, and Device (App Store only). In the Game Category view, multiple subcategories can be compared across some or all countries with daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly granularity. Country view enables the visualization of a single subcategory's revenue or downloads worldwide across multiple countries over time. Using Device view for the App Store will display a subcategory's revenue and downloads split between iPhone and iPad for any combination of countries and time periods.

As with all of Sensor Tower's enterprise products, the data displayed in Games Breakdown can be exported in CSV format for offline analysis and accessed using our platform's extensive API.

Games Breakdown is just one of the ways Sensor Tower's platform is evolving to deliver the most crucial, actionable insights into the rapidly changing global app economy. To learn more about how Store Intelligence and our full suite of solutions can benefit your business, set up a live demo of our platform below.

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Alex Malafeev

Written by: Alex Malafeev, Founder at Sensor Tower

Date: May 2019

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