Google's Marketing 101 For Mobile App Developers

This video recording from Google I/O will give you insights for marketing your mobile app regardless if you are on iOS or Android.

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Creating a beautiful app that is easy to use is only part of what makes an app successful. While user experience is certainly important, most of your success will depend on how well you market your app.

So we are always on the lookout for great information on app marketing outside of App Store Optimization. We came across this video on YouTube and we feel that it provides some good insights into how Google views app marketing and how some of their bigger developers approach marketing apps.

It was recorded at Google I/O, so it speaks to Android developers in particular, but a lot of the information is useful to app developers on any mobile platform. In addition, we feel that anyone from the indie developer to the largest corporations can learn something from this video.

Be sure to have your notebook or Evernote ready before you start watching. It is almost an hour long, so set aside a block of time to watch it.

After the video is a short summary of the information in the video that we felt is particularly useful and where to find it in the video. But this video is packed with too much information to fit into a summary, so be sure to watch the entire video for yourself if you want to get tips that apply to your individual situation.

Video Notes

- The Google app marketing checklist, pay attention to the ones in blue if you are just getting started.

- The essence of creating great apps.

- Questions to ask about consumer demographics and usage that you should be asking to create a quality app.

- The four "P's" of app marketing.

- Why the concept of "snacking vs. feasting" is important when it comes to app development.

- Case study on what the eBuddy chat app does well.

- Why you should have great device coverage.

- Parity of features should be applied to every app.

- Case study of developer Storm8. Their marketing plans and how they develop games.

- The march of the freemium business model and why it might not be the right model for you.

- The $0.99 dilemma, why pricing your app at that price is a risk.

- The price life cycle of an app.

- Good news and bad news about mobile ads.

- How to localize your monetization strategy.

- STP, know your users.

- How to develop convincing marketing message.

- Building a structured marketing plan.

- What influences a user's decision to install an app?

- Why mobile search has been one of the most effective ways to advertise.

- Case study of game company Pocket Gems and how they approach app marketing.

- Distribution and why Coke is still it.


We hope that you were able to get a few great tips for marketing your app from this video. Even if you have an iOS app, think about how can you take the general concepts from this presentation and test them to find out what works for you.

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Hugh Kimura

Written by: Hugh Kimura, Head of Content

Date: December 2013