How To Create A Magnetic App Preview Video For iOS 8

Apple will finally include App Preview videos in iOS 8. Learn how to create a video, what to include and when they will be available.

iOS 8 will feature a long list of new features that will be beneficial to app publishers. If you haven't read our posts on iOS 8 screenshots and app bundles, take a few minutes to read them to get up to speed on how they will work.

In this post we will discuss another great addition to iOS 8: App Preview videos. Learn how to create them, what to include in your videos and when they will be available to the general public.

How To Create App Preview Videos


There are different ways that you can create an App Preview video. Apple recommends that you use a new feature in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite to create app video captures.

When you connect your iOS device to your Mac via a Lightning connector, the device will automatically be available for use as a video camera. You can then record the screen of your device from your Mac, using QuickTime Player.

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If you have a game, there are also recording SDKs that allow players to record their game play. You could get permission to use some actual footage from your players and include it in your video.

Editing And Upload

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From there, you can edit the video using the editing software program of your choice. Some good options are: Screenflow, iMovie or Camtasia Studio.

If you want to go with a professional software solution, you can use something like Final Cut Pro or Sony Vegas Pro. But you shouldn't need anything this expensive/fancy. Apple has made sure that free tools like iMovie are enough to produce a great App Preview.

When you are finished editing, upload the video directly to iTunes, just like you upload your screenshots.

What To Include In Your Videos

Apple mentions on their website that your video must primarily consist of device captured footage. Think about why people love your app and showcase that feature.

Maybe you have amazing graphics or your app makes a complex task easy to do. Focus on that aspect of your app in your video.

Also keep in mind that App Preview videos will be limited to 30 seconds. Therefore, be sure to storyboard your video to maximize the effectiveness of your video.

This may not seem like a lot of time. But Apple's example App Previews have demonstrated that it is more than enough time to make a positive impression.

If you want to add some background music, be sure to purchase properly licensed music. If you want to narrate your App Preview but you don't have a "movie announcer" voice, be sure to look around for voiceover talent that can give your video the right feel.


If you don't know where to begin with your app promo video, then here is an idea to get you started.

I really like this app video. It is for the iOS email app Mailbox. The video is shot with a video camera, but the iPhone screen is easy to see. If this video was to be used as an App Preview video, the native screen recording would have to be used.

It is short and showcases the simplicity of the app. The background music also makes this video interesting.


A well crafted iOS App Preview video can help you attract more attention and get more downloads. If you are on a budget, our previous post can help you create an amazing video, without spending a lot.

iOS 8 and App Preview videos will be available soon after the September 9th Apple iPhone 6 announcement. For the complete App Preview video guidelines, watch the presentation on the WWDC 2014 website.

There is still time to get your video ready. Get started now.

What are you most excited about in iOS 8? Let us know in the comments below...

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Hugh Kimura

Written by: Hugh Kimura, Head of Content

Date: August 2014

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