Segment Download and Revenue Data in Powerful New Ways with Our Latest Store Intelligence Update

Sensor Tower's new Global Fields provide greater flexibility for surfacing insights from our leading Store Intelligence platform.

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Much like the strategies you employ to stay competitive in the app ecosystem, Sensor Tower's products are continually evolving to meet your needs. To that end, we've introduced a new way to segment data within our Store Intelligence platform for enterprise customers called Global Fields. In the following post, we'll take a look at what this new feature offers and how to use it.

Some of our Store Intelligence customers are already utilizing a feature called Custom Fields, which enables organizations to define their own personalized filters for Top & Trending data. Global Fields are similar in that they enable extended filtering options but, unlike Custom Fields, they are defined and maintained by Sensor Tower and are available to all Store Intelligence customers for their use. This is what they look like when they're enabled:

Store Intelligence Global Fields Main Image

We're launching this feature with a selection of 23 fields, including Most Popular Region, Apple Watch Support, and Release Days Ago. We will update this list over time as we discover useful new ways to filter Top & Trending data.

Using the Global Fields, you can build numerous combinations of views for our Top & Trending data on the App Store, Google Play, and unified platforms. For example, want to see only 4.5-star free games smaller than 10 megabytes released about six months ago? You can do that, quickly and easily. We're excited to hear what you surface using this new feature.

Enabling Global Fields

If you're a Sensor Tower Store Intelligence customer and would like to try out Global Fields for yourself, you'll need to enable them first. Doing so is easy. Simply click on the "Manage Fields" button from the Top & Trending view (shown above) or access "Account Info" from your user menu in the top right of any screen, then click on "Manage Organization > Custom Fields". Either method will bring you to the screen below, where you'll see the Global Fields denoted by a green highlight:

Store Intelligence Global Fields Main Image

If you're an the administrator for your organization, you'll be able to enable a Global Field for all of its users by clicking the toggle in the Organization Visibility column (1). This will make that field visible in Top & Trending for everyone in your organization, but individual users can opt to toggle its visibility for themselves only by clicking the checkbox in the User Visibility column (2). In addition to the green highlight, you can tell if a field is Custom or Global by looking at the Scope column (3). Finally, you can see how many apps in the Sensor Tower database this field will apply to in the Apps column (4).

Using Global Fields

After enabling some or all of the Global Fields and returning to Top & Trending in Store Intelligence, you'll be able to see and use the fields by clicking the Display All Fields button highlighted in the screenshot below:

Store Intelligence Global Fields Main Image

Within the fields themselves, you're able to select multiple values to both include and exclude. It's also possible to select all or clear all, which effectively removes the filter. To the right beneath the "Display All Fields" button are sorting options, including alphabetic/numeric small-to-large and large-to-small, plus the option to sort by the number of apps associated with the selectable values (the light grey numbers in the screenshot above). You can click "Reset All Tags" to clear all fields—Custom and Global—if you desire.

As Global Fields appear exclusively within our Store Intelligence product, they are only available to Enterprise customers. If you're not yet a Store Intelligence user and would like to receive a demo of the platform, follow the link below and we'll be happy to show you how it can empower your app marketing efforts.

Sensor Tower's platform is an enterprise-level offering. Interested in learning more?

Randy Nelson

Written by: Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Date: February 2016

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