Android App Store Optimization Module (Beta) Now Available

The Google App Store ASO module is now available for Android. Find out what it can do and how to get started.

We have primarily been focused on iOS App Store Optimization modules until this point, but we are slowly starting to add Android features to Sensor Tower. So in this post, we want to give you a quick rundown of what is currently available and how you can access our beta Android modules.

Google Play Top Charts And App Profile Pages Now Available

The Android Category Rankings are now available on the Sensor Tower Homepage. Just click on the Rankings menu item at the top of the page and select Android Category Rankings.

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Just like with our iOS Category Rankings, you can now see the Top Charts for apps on the Google Play Store. It is a lot easier to view all of the top apps on our chart immediately. Here is the what our rankings look like.

Now compare that with the Google Play App Store, where you can only see a limited number of results at once. This makes it harder to research top apps.

lt="Google Play results

When you click on any of the apps on our Android Category Rankings list, you will see the App Profile Page for that app. It is similar to our iOS App Profile Pages and shows information such as the Review Breakdown Per Day, Past Reviews and more.

Android App Store Optimization Module (Beta)

Our Android App Store Optimization modules are still in beta, but you can now track your keyword rank for your Android app on the Google App Store. To get started, add your app by clicking on the green Add New App button. Once you have added an app, you will see an icon for the App Store you are tracking next to the app name in the drop down menu.

These are the modules that are currently available for Android. We will provide a more thorough explanation in future blog posts, but let's take a quick look at what the Search Rankings module looks like.

lt="ASO search rankings module

Using our favorite example, Clash of Clans, here is a small sample of their Android keywords and rank. Just like with our iOS Search Ranking module, you are able to see the Traffic Score, Difficulty Score, Number of Apps and Rank.

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We are working hard on our Android modules and we will keep you updated on our progress. Stay tuned for updates on not only the modules, but also for tips and tutorials on how to optimize your Android app for the Google Play Store.

What kind of Android ASO modules or tutorials would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hugh Kimura

Written by: Hugh Kimura, Head of Content

Date: November 2013

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