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MMM: 2023 Digital Advertising and Mobile App Trends

As we enter a new year, Sensor Tower data highlights advertising trends, growing social channels and the top global apps in 2023. A selection of nine charts outlines the winners in 2023, including breakout games, the fastest-growing short-form video apps, and the largest brands by paid share-of-voice.

Monday Mobile Memo: 2023 Lookback

Key Takeaways:

  • Seven advertisers from 2022 are back again in the top ten list of largest advertisers in the US by ad spend in 2023, with Amazon reclaiming the top spot as it did in the prior year. Temu jumped 265 spots to claim a spot as a top 5 advertiser in 2023, a spark that was lit when the brand launched its “Shop Like a Billionaire” campaign during Super Bowl LVI

  • Although Meta's ad network still commands the largest share of US ad spend (46% in 2023), TikTok has rapidly become an attractive destination for advertisers given its exposure to highly engaged, younger demographics. Per PM by ST data, US ad spend on TikTok increased 27% YoY in 2023, as it became the fastest growing social media advertising channel

  • Consumer entertainment in 2023 was dominated by short-form video. Per ST data, US mobile users through 4Q23 QTD spent more than 2.2bn hours/wk on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok combined, materially higher than leading SVOD platforms, where users spent less than 75mn hours/wk (combined)

  • X (Twitter) MAUs declined materially in the post-acquisition era as user frustration over flagrant content resulted in falling interest in the platform. Per ST data, X (Twitter) MAUs have declined roughly 8% (on average) from Nov’22-Dec’23 MTD when indexed vs Oct’22 (when the company was acquired), compared to Snapchat (+8%), Instagram (+4%), TikTok (+1%), and Facebook (+1%)

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