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MMM: Twitter rebranding reactions mixed, Temu US downloads up 41%

Following Twitter's rebranding to X average user time spent and sessions on X decreased by 5% and 2% respectively. Meanwhile, e-commerce app Temu experienced a 41% increase in paid downloads in the US in February 2023, coinciding with its "Shop Like a Billionaire" Super Bowl LVII campaign. Check out the full blog for more info.

Monday Mobile Memo

Key Takeaways:

  • Twitter rebranded to X earlier this week and saw mixed reactions from its users with some notably voicing dissatisfaction with the abandonment of the classic blue bird logo. Per ST’s proprietary mobile device panel, average user time spent and sessions on X fell 5% and 2% DoD following the rebranding (July 25)

  • According to a new Sensor Tower feature within Store Intelligence (Downloads by Source), e-commerce app Temu saw a 41% MoM spike in US paid downloads in Feb’23, the same month the company ran its popular “Shop Like a Billionaire” Super Bowl LVII campaign

    • Pathmatics by ST data shows a 23% MoM increase in US ad spend for Temu in Feb’23 on all measured digital channels as the company aggressively ramped up its user acquisition efforts around the campaign

    • Since Feb’23, Temu’s paid downloads have remained volatile, ending Jun’23 down ~30% MoM. Despite a pullback in paid downloads, paid sources still made up a material portion of the app’s US downloads (24%) compared to other legacy shopping apps such as Target (9%), Amazon (7%), and Walmart (5%), which don’t rely as much on paid sources due to both scale and saturation for these app in the US

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Seema Shah

Written by: Seema Shah, VP, Insights

Date: July 2023