Optimizing The iTunes App Keyword Field Is Now Even Easier

Recent updates have made the process of optimizing the iTunes keyword field easier. How it's done may surprise you.

The keywords that are associated with an iOS app are determined by what is in the keyword field and the title of an app. Therefore, it is important to optimize the keyword field to not only include the best keywords possible, but to also use the maximum number of the allowed characters and eliminate repetitive keywords, among other things.

As we continue to refine the modules in our platform, we have now made it much easier to optimize the keyword field. This short post will show you the improvements we have made and how you can use them to save time.

When it comes to App Store Optimization (ASO), even the smallest time saver can add up over the lifetime of an app. Since ASO should be done fairly frequently until you get the results you are looking for, we are always looking for anything that can be done to reduce your research time.

One-Click Keyword Addition And Removal

Now when you want to add a keyword from the Suggested Potential Keywords list, you can just click on the plus sign next to the keyword. It will automatically be added to the keyword list and to the Entered Keywords table so can you get all of the data on each keyword.

This replaces the manual addition process that was required before. We have also moved the keyword rank columns to the left, next to the keyword column, for easier viewing.

To remove a keyword from the list, just click on the minus sign next to the keyword. When your keyword list is complete, simply copy and paste it into iTunes.

One-Click Keyword Tracking

If you are not currently ranking for a keyword, when you put your mouse over the line for the keyword, the Track Keyword button will appear. When you click on that button, the keyword will be tracked in the Keyword Rankings module.


This simple change to the workflow of the Keyword Optimization module will save you time when optimizing your iTunes keyword list. Although it might seem like a small change at first glance, when you give it a try, you will see how it really streamlines the process.

What do you think? Are there any other ways that we could make this module easier to use?

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Hugh Kimura

Written by: Hugh Kimura, Head of Content

Date: May 2014

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