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61% of Total U.S. Digital Ad Spend Went Towards Social Channels in Q3 2022

Pathmatics’ Q3 Data Digest dives into quarterly insights such as Top Advertisers, Categories, and Publisher platforms.


Although brands and advertisers have been facing economic headwinds, digital ad spend in the United States grew in Q3 2022. Pathmatics’ Q3 2022 Advertising Data Digest, available now, reveals that total digital ad spend in the U.S. reached more than $23 billion last quarter, up more than 5 percent quarter-over-quarter.

While Facebook continued to lead advertising trends, TikTok had the highest growth with ad spend climbing 29 percent Q/Q. Amazon remained the No. 1 advertiser on TikTok, followed by Google and Disney at Nos. 2 and 3, respectively. The streaming wars continued in Q3, with Disney and Hulu ad spend on TikTok growing steadily. Hulu ranked as the No. 4 advertiser on TikTok, increasing its ad budget by 667 percent in the last two quarters.

Q3 2022 Data Digest - TikTok

Streaming brands gravitated towards social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok in the last two quarters. While HBO Max increased its spend share on Facebook, Disney+ and Netflix increased their spend share on TikTok. All three streaming brands shifted away from Display and Video, indicating social channels may be an effective platform for brands and advertisers.

Q3 2022 Data Digest - Streaming Brands

Dive into more quarterly insights such as Top Advertisers, Categories, and Publisher platforms. This report also includes:

  • Rankings of the Top Advertisers and Categories by digital ad spend in the quarter.

  • A breakdown of ad spend by device in the quarter.

  • Top creative strategies from target advertisers. 

  • Stories of the quarter, high inflation impact on BNPL brands’ ad strategy, highlighting popular Back-to-School themed ads, and top streaming services’ ad strategies after facing slow growth.

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Yuwen Huang

Written by: Yuwen Huang, Marketing Data Scientist

Date: November 2022