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Gardenscapes and Homescapes Power Playrix Past 1 Billion Downloads

Russian publisher is approaching $5 billion from lifetime player spending across its portfolio, Sensor Tower data shows.

Gardenscapes’ Lifetime Revenue Grows to $1.5 Billion

Mobile games publisher Playrix has surpassed 1.1 billion in downloads across its portfolio, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

The developer has released hit titles such as Gardenscapes, Homescapes, Fishdom and Township. Since January 1, 2014, Gardenscapes has generated the most downloads, with nearly 324 million installs to date, or 29.2 percent of the total. Homescapes, meanwhile, has accumulated 312.4 million, Township has picked up more than 275 million, and Fishdom has generated 173.4 million installs.

Playrix Mobile Games: Worldwide Downloads Since Launch

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and global lockdowns, April 2020 proved to be Playrix’s best month ever across its portfolio for both revenue and downloads. Last month, the publisher generated more than $200 million in player spending while racking up 95.8 million new installs.

The United States has accounted for the lion’s share of Playrix mobile game downloads, picking up 142.3 million installs to date, or 12.8 percent of the total. India ranked No. 2 with 114.1 million downloads, or 10.3 percent, while Russia rounded out the top 3 with 82.7 million installs, or 7.5 percent.

Google Play has been responsible for the majority of downloads to date, generating 807 million installs, or 72.7 percent of the total. The App Store, meanwhile, accounted for 302.3 million downloads, or 27.3 percent.

Multi-Billion Dollar Portfolio

Gardenscapes has proven to be Playrix’s most lucrative game, generating close to $1.9 billion in player spending to date, with follow-up Homescapes picking up nearly $1.4 billion on the App Store and Google Play. Township, meanwhile, has generated $842 million from player spending, and Fishdom has accumulated $701.6 million.

Playrix Mobile Games: Worldwide Player Spending Since Launch

The U.S. has accounted for the largest share of lifetime player spending across Playrix’s portfolio, representing $2 billion, or 42.2 percent of the total. Japan ranks No. 2 for revenue, accumulating $488 million, or 10 percent of player spending, while Germany has generated $410 million in revenue, or 8.5 percent.

The App Store represented the majority of revenue, generating $2.5 billion to date, or 52.7 percent. Google Play, meanwhile, has racked up close to $2.3 billion, or 47.3 percent.

Although its roots began in PC gaming, Playrix has become a powerhouse in Europe and established itself as one of the world’s leading mobile games publishers. Gardenscapes was originally a hidden object game, but was adapted as a narrative-driven match-three game for mobile. Recently, the company came full circle, with its new title Manor Matters positioning the publisher back into the hidden object space. Supported by big user acquisition campaigns, Playrix has built a portfolio of hits that continue to go from strength-to-strength.

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Craig Chapple

Written by: Craig Chapple, Mobile Insights Strategist, EMEA

Date: May 2020