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Pokémon GO Daily Revenue Grows 39% Following Trading Update to $2.5 Million

Pokemon GO daily revenue is now $2.5 million following the June launch of the trading system, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

Pokemon GO Daily Revenue

Niantic's Pokémon GO has never stopped being popular, but it's definitely had its share of peaks and valleys when it comes to player spending. Right now, it's in the midst of a resurgence the likes of which hasn't been seen since its summer 2016 launch, and the game's most fevered spending has come in the wake of June's big friends and trading update.

According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates, Pokémon GO players have spent an average of $2.5 million per day in the game since the June 19 update, which represents a 39 percent increase over the preceding two months' average.

Our data shows that, in the 60 days leading up to the trading update, Pokémon GO was generating approximately $1.8 million in daily gross revenue on average, worldwide, on the App Store and Google Play. Following the update, that figure has climbed to $2.5 million on average, or about $700,000 more spent by players per day.

With summer ending in the United States–the game's largest market at 35 percent of revenue—it will be worth watching to see what impact the warmer months' waning will have on spending. Then again, Niantic has signaled that proper player versus player gameplay is inbound by the end of the year, something we've long held is what's necessary to propel player spending back to the levels seen at the game's launch. With only four months left in 2018, we'll know its effect soon enough.

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Randy Nelson

Written by: Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Date: August 2018