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Russia, Brazil, and China Lead the World in Dating App Consumption

Sensor Tower data shows which countries download the most dating apps as a percentage of all app installs; Japan comes in last.

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Mobile users in Russia, Brazil, and China downloaded the most dating apps as a percentage of all apps installed in Q4 2016, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data shows. Read on to learn how the world's top 10 app markets stacked up for dating app downloads, along with what the top dating apps were in each of these countries for Q4.

Dating App Downloads by Country for Q4 2016

As the chart above shows, downloads of the top five dating apps in Russia last quarter on the App Store and Google Play accounted for 0.39 percent of all app installs, followed by 0.38 percent in Brazil, and 0.34 percent in China. For China, we analyzed App Store downloads only, as Google Play is not accessible in the region..

By comparison, 0.25 percent of all app downloads from the U.S. App Store and Google Play last quarter came from the top five dating apps. Across the 10 leading app markets, the top five dating apps averaged 0.22 percent of all apps downloaded in Q4.

Japan's Dating Dilemma

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Russia, Japan's mobile users didn't download nearly as many dating apps last quarter. In fact, only 0.08 percent of all app downloads in Japan last quarter came from the country's top five dating apps—the lowest percentage among all 10 countries we analyzed, and the only country below 0.1 percent.

The low number of dating app downloads in Japan isn't surprising when viewed against larger societal trends in the country. Much has been written about the fact that Japan's young people are not dating as much, either online or offline, and stay single for longer, contributing to an aging and declining population.

The Top Five Apps in Each Market

The top five dating apps in each country and their download data are a good proxy of how mobile users consume dating apps overall. And there's no shortage of options in the market for worldwide users. The chart below shows the top five apps in each country by downloads:

Top Five Dating Apps by Country

Among these favored choices, we can spot apps that are globally well-known, such as Tinder, Match, and Badoo, as well as those that are locally popular, especially in East Asian markets like China, Japan, and South Korea.

With this year's Valentine's Day upon us, mobile users are turning to dating apps to find that perfect connection. Sensor Tower's data shows that in January alone, the world's top 10 dating apps were downloaded more than 15 million times. Dating apps have certainly become a common channel for people to seek romantic relationships. As the year progresses, it'll be interesting to track how these downloads trends change across the globe.

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Ruika Lin

Written by: Ruika Lin, Mobile Insights Strategist

Date: February 2017