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Hybrid Casual Games Playbook 2023-LP

Increase Player Engagement and Generate More Revenue with Hybridcasual

A Guide To Developing A Successful Hybridcasual Game

Over the last few years, Hybridcasual has emerged as a new style of mobile games. Hybridcasual games have continued to grow in popularity, with a total of 5 billion downloads in 2022 – a 3% increase from 2021.

In partnership with Homa, the world’s leading platform for creating and publishing mobile games, we leveraged Homa Lab data to look into the influence of the Hybridcasual genre in today's mobile gaming market.

Gain an understanding of the Hybridcasual landscape, the success of Hybridcasual titles, and the best practices for developing Hybridcasual games that can help create new gameplay experiences for your audience.

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Take Your Games To The Next Level

Create Positive Player Experiences

Hybridcasual games display 4-5 ads, often optional, per session in exchange for extra rewards.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Hybridcasual players are highly engaged and dedicated to making time to play your game. 63% of users spent more than 3 minutes on the top Hybridcasual game.

Control The Cost of Production

Hybridcasual games focus on mechanics, experience, and progression, requiring Mid to Low production costs.


Inside The Playbook

  • A step by step guide to creating a successful hybridcasual game.

  • View download trends for top mobile titles like Stumble Guys and Magic Tiles 3.

  • Learn about how the Homa product strategy team has identified and designed several subgenres of Hybridcasual games to create new experiences.

  • See how you can turn your hybridcasual game into a revenue-generating machine.