Landscape Shifts in IP Gaming

An analysis of how the competitive landscape of IP in gaming has shifted

IP strategies have emerged as the game-changer for publishers and developers, especially as attracting players is becoming a more expensive proposition.

In this report, we examine the IP trends of the past five years, break down the market into top IP operators and licensed IPs, and take a look at a few case studies, including a dive into the top PC/Console launches of the year.

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IP gaming

Dive into our latest report to:

  • Learn how the IP mobile gaming landscape has evolved over the last few years

  • Discover how Scopely and Hasbro teamed up to become the top IP mobile gaming partnership in the world.

  • Get a look into which genres historically pair best with which IP media types.

  • Explore the impact of in-app collaborations, where games team up with popular IPs to download downloads, revenue, and engagement.

  • Uncover the PC market to see how top 2023 launches leveraged IP in their ad creative.

  • See which Celebrity IPs are driving the most downloads in the Celebrity mobile games category.