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Drill down into hit mobile gaming strategies through our advanced gaming taxonomy offering in-depth analysis of sub-genre, theme, art style, monetization, meta features and more.

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Game Taxonomy

Breakdown the vast gaming landscape through proprietary Gaming Taxonomy filters

Dive deeper into the complex and evolving mobile gaming universe by layering Game Intelligence onto Store Intelligence insights. Analyze games down to the sub-genre level with the best gaming taxonomy on the market and a dedicated dashboard. Quickly identify top games with a specific mechanic for example and view downloads and revenue generated during a selected period for games in both the App Store and GooglePlay.

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Identify trends that drive game revenue and download success

Analyze how top performers convert user acquisition into sustainable revenue

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Uncover the next big game

Discover up-and-coming developers ready for acquisition

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Break down the biggest trends in games

Understand how elements of games affect overall marketplace performance

Game Intell Revenue

Monitor market-wide trends across all gaming sub-genres

Identify how different audience segments are drawn to specific gaming styles, as well as how long those audiences spend on mobile games. View historical download and revenue data and see shifts in the market over time broken out by country or device for more than 70 sub-genres. Filter by sub-genre, theme, art style, monetization, and more, to easily perform competitor research and market analysis.


Stay ahead of the competition with specialized daily alerts

Seamlessly track trends with specialized alerts on the latest game releases, new content, and live-ops events. Utilize unique game intel descriptors to zero-in on key elements for top-performing games, or surface the critical markets driving downloads and revenue to identify the category and market leaders at the game and publisher level.

Sensor Tower Blog

Blog-Apex Legends Mobile
EA unable to Keep Apex Legends and Battlefield Mobile Live

Since launch, Apex Legends has accumulated 37 million worldwide installs, according to Sensor Tower.

The Latest Trends Shaping The Mobile Gaming Ecosystem

Mobile gaming downloads and revenue are trending lower, but some types of games are more affected than others. Here's why.

Monday Mobile Memo
MMM: DraftKings and FanDuel Increased Their US Ad Spend

DraftKings and FanDuel increased their US ad spend by 186% and 101% respectively in the week leading up to Super Bowl LVII, driving new app installs and potentially sign-ups. Meanwhile, ecommerce retail app Temu grew installs by 53% on Super Bowl Sunday, driven by its gameday ad "Shop Like a Billionaire."