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Benchmark your app against global mobile usage behavior based on the world’s largest proprietary mobile app panel

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Identify the user base of popular mobile apps

Understand the daily, weekly and monthly active users of the mobile app economy’s top apps, both in historical and current views, to understand changes in audience growth over time. Filter by Sensor Tower global fields, custom fields or Game Intelligence genre taxonomy to segment the apps your business cares about most. 

Dive deep into mobile audiences

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Size up your competitor’s retention

Create engagement benchmarks for competitor daily, monthly and weekly active users over time

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Pinpoint the features that keep users coming back

Understand on a deeper level how users stay engaged on mobile apps

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Target your most competitive audience segments

See which demographic groups are likely to engage with your competitors

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Assess granular in-app usage behaviors

Zoom into the usage behavior of an app’s core audience and analyze patterns in retention. Dive deep into total sessions by daily active users, from all-time as well as monthly and quarterly views. Or, break down by time spent by daily active users to get a better understanding of the length of app sessions among the most engaged users.

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Break down nuances in audience demographics

Dive deep into your target user and how they are engaging with mobile. Break down user engagement for major apps by session length, number of sessions, and time spent and identify demographics of major apps’ user bases, including estimates on age and gender composition of users. Plus, leverage App Overlap to see which users of a particular app are likely to engage with other apps on their phone.

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“Sensor Tower's platform enables our team to respond to mobile trends in an agile and forward-thinking way, so we can stay ahead of competitors and drive growth in this fast-paced mobile ecosystem.”

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