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Bouncing into Fun: Pinball/Brick Breaker Sub-genre Unveiled

Delve into the well-established Pinball / Brick Breaker sub-genre, witnessing its global impact on downloads and revenue. Discover the challenges faced by innovative games and the dominance of Hybridcasual games and gain unique insights into what makes top games stand out and how download sources are related to user retention.

Pinball/Brick Breaker Cover Page

Pinball / Brick Breaker Market Overview

Pinball/Brick Breaker Market Overview_Downloads

Pinball/Brick Breaker Sub-Genre has accumulated a total of 948M All Time Worldwide Downloads. This is a mature and well-established sub-genre, with Snake VS Block and Bricks Breaker Quest being released in 2017, BBTAN: Break Brick in 2015, and Bricks n Balls and Bricks Ball Crusher in 2018 and 2019.

Despite its maturity in terms of release dates, this sub-genre continues to pursue innovation in the Product Model, with four games in the ranking incorporating hybrid monetization strategies.

Pinball/Brick Breaker Market Overview_Revenue

In the Top 5 revenue-generating games, WORLD FLIPPER, blending Pinball with RPG elements through Gacha monetization feature, claims the first position. Punball has also embraced similar gameplay innovations but opted for the Hybridcasual Product Model, securing the fourth position in the revenue ranking.

Similar to the Top Downloaded games, the remaining positions are also dominated by the Hybridcasual Product Model. Hybridcasual stands out as the top contributor to revenue.

Trends and Challenges in the Pinball/Brick Breaker Sub-genre

Top 5 Most Downloaded Pinball/Brick Breaker PerformanceTop 5 Highest Revenue Pinball/Brick Breaker Performance

From the performance of the Top 5 Most Downloaded and Highest Revenue games, it can be observed that the growth rate of the Pinball/Brick Breaker sub-genre has decreased and slowed down. Innovative games such as WORLD FLIPPER and PunBall gained popularity in the early stages of release; however, their revenue growth curves exhibit instability. This poses a challenge for developers in the mid to long-term operations.

User Acquisition and Retention Strategies in Top Hybridcasual Brick Breaker

Top 3 Hybridcasual Brick Breaker User Retention

With Organic as the primary download source, Bricks Breaker Quest boasts the highest retention rate among the three games, reaching an impressive 10% even on Day 60.

Retention rates for Bricks Ball Crusher and Bricks n Balls are relatively close, with Bricks Ball Crusher having a slightly higher rate than Bricks n Balls.

Top 3 Hybridcasual Brick Breaker Downloads by Source

Bricks Breaker Quest, released in 2017, capitalized on the early advantage of keywords ranking in ASO, resulting in high organic downloads. The percentage of paid downloads has remained relatively stable overall.

Bricks Ball Crusher experienced the most significant decline in the percentage of paid downloads, maintaining a high level in its first year of release and rapidly decreasing as of 2022.

Similarly, Bricks n Balls had the highest percentage of paid downloads in its first year of release, followed by a decline. However, starting from January 2023, there was a rebound as Bricks n Balls intensified its user acquisition efforts, leveraging the advantages of its own network, AppLovin, leading to a swift recovery in the percentage of paid downloads.

Creatives for Top 3 Hybridcasual Brick Breakers

Bricks n Balls, released by AppLovin, leverages the advantage of its own ads network. The creatives exhibit a rapid and frequent update cycle. The creative concepts are built on showcasing the gameplay itself, with an added element of crisis rescue scenes to enhance interactivity.

Bricks Ball Crusher received the highest impression from Unity. The top-ranking creative is a simple static Full Screen ad featuring bricks and launch tracks.

Bricks Breaker Quest primarily focus on showcasing authentic gameplay, emphasizing the game's simplicity and ease of play in ads.

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Lexi Wei

Written by: Lexi Wei, Game Analyst

Date: February 2024