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Supercell's Brawl Stars Revenue Shoots Past $100 Million After Two Months

Gross revenue from Supercell's Brawl Stars has reached $100 million worldwide two months after launch, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data reveals.

Brawl Stars Revenue 100 Million

Having brought in more than $60 million from players worldwide during its first month of global release, Brawl Stars from Supercell has racked up an estimated $110 million in consumer spending within 60 days of launch according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data. This is a major milestone for the game, which was in soft launch for nearly 1.5 years leading up to its December 12, 2018 release onto the world stage.

So far, players in the United States have poured the most into Brawl Star's in-app purchases, contributing approximately $26.4 million or about 24 percent of the total. South Korea narrowly edged out Japan with 14 percent of spending, compared to the latter's 13 percent.

It's worth noting that the game has yet to launch in China, no doubt due to that country's lengthy pause on approvals of new video and mobile games. China is the fourth largest market for Supercell's previous release, Clash Royale, which launched there in March 2016 and has seen close to 7 percent of its revenue come from the country.

Brawl Stars has been installed nearly 60 million times since mid-December, bringing its total downloads including the soft-launch period to 66 million. The game has grossed close to $120 million including soft-launch and January was its best month yet for revenue, with players spending more than $51 million. That was up 24 percent from December's estimated $41 million spent.

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Oliver Yeh

Written by: Oliver Yeh, Founder at Sensor Tower

Date: February 2019