Dragon Ball Legends Revenue Passes $100 Million in the U.S. and Japan Faster Than Its Predecessor

Bandai Namco's latest mobile game in the Dragon Ball universe has grossed $140 million worldwide in eight months, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data shows.

Dragon Ball Legends Revenue $100 Million

Launched at the end of May 2018, Bandai Namco's latest mobile fighting game in its Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball Legends, has now grossed in excess of $140 million worldwide with more than $100 million of that from the United States and Japan, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data confirms.

Mobile gamers in Japan have spent the majority of the total at 59 percent, or close to $83 million of the game's gross revenue to date. Meanwhile, the U.S. accounts for about 18 percent of spending, or just over $25 million. This revenue is split evenly between users of Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Gross revenue in the game reached approximately $25.7 million in December, up 50 percent over November when it brought in an estimated $17.1 million globally.

During the same amount of time following its worldwide launch in July 2015, Bandai Namco's preceding mobile title in the franchise, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, grossed an estimated $90 million—or about 64 percent as much as Dragon Ball Legends. It has since gone on to earn more than $1.5 billion in total player spending.

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Oliver Yeh

Written by: Oliver Yeh, Founder at Sensor Tower

Date: February 2019

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